Dear Gabe,

I sit down to write your 10th birthday post and I’m stumped. You are impossible to put into simple words. You are. I feel like my words just don’t do you justice. Spectacular is an adjective in the right direction, but it’s still not enough.

The way you care so deeply amazes me. I certainly have never met another 10-year-old who cares for others like you do. You love deeply, you care endlessly and I love that about you. I think that’s a rare quality in a boy, or even a man for that matter. I can see the type of man you’re going to be someday and it makes me want to weep with joy. I’m sorry to say that I don’t think there will ever be anyone good enough for you.

The way your brain works amazes me too. You are so intelligent yet so extremely imaginative and creative too. The things you come up with are crazy good. The way you can go down in the basement and come back up with this Lego structure that is bananas just blows me away. Then you’ll sit down and make the most beautiful picture I’ve ever seen. Then you’ll sit down and whiz through your homework and, right after, go bang out a sonatina on the piano. It’s wonderous.

If you could live outside, you would. You love all sports, all outside things, anything physical. I love watching you in your element and seeing how much you enjoy this aspect of your life. I hope you always continue to have fun and enjoy sports instead of getting caught up in winning.

You’ve fully immersed yourself in the world of reading and I couldn’t be happier. The fact that we are enjoying books together makes it that much sweeter. I know you don’t want as many hugs and kisses these days, and that’s totally normal, but I miss that. It’s so special for me that we have books. That’s our version of cuddling, I think.

I can look into the future, and God willing, see the person you will be. You could truly do anything you wanted. Anything. I feel like I’m watching a superhuman take form. Your compassion, your intelligence, your creativity know no bounds and I can’t wait to see what you’ll do with your life. I know it will be fantastic.

Like I said, there’s just no putting the essence of you into words. You’re too much, too special. You’re spectacular.

I hope you know how much I love you. My love just can’t be put into words.

Happy 10th Birthday my beautiful, spectacular son.



9 responses to “Spectacular

  1. I totally agree! Happy Birthday Gabe! Hope the weekend of activities is enjoyable :o)

  2. Happy birthday to your Gabe!

  3. Happy Birthday, Gabe!! You sound like an amazing little boy.

  4. Happy 10th Birthday Gabe! (I remember thinking when I considered the name Gabriel if I know anyone named Gabe/Gabriel (once I loved the name Ava and saw a little girl named Ava completely being evil to her parents at the Atlanta Zoo- so Lily was named Lillian instead of Ava) and then I thought of your Gabe and knew I couldn’t go wrong with the name Gabe 🙂

    Enjoy The Hunger Games later!

  5. Aw! I love letters from a mommy to her babies. This one is beautiful. I know you said you couldn’t put it to words, but I think you perfectly put to words a mother’s love for her child. Happy double-digits birthday to Gabe!!

  6. Happy Birthday to Gabe! Congrats to you Momma!

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  8. That was beautiful

  9. He is a truly special soul. I’m so glad he had an amazing birthday 🙂

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