First Grade Smile

I took these pictures last week because I knew it wouldn’t be long. My little baby would soon be on his way to…the dreaded first grade smile. You know the one…where the two top front teeth come in and they’re ginormous and the rest are all baby teeth? And one is long and the other’s halfway down…and it just looks really goofy? Yeah, that one.

And I was right! Out they both came this week. One on Friday…

And then the other one finally dropped on Sunday.

I have to say he’s rocking the toothless grin; I’m sure he’ll rock the first grade smile too. He’s just too handsome, don’t you think?

Quit Mom! You’re embarrassing me!


5 responses to “First Grade Smile

  1. girl….i hear ya on that one! i had a TOTAL first grade smile back in my day. hannah’s still hanging on to her top two teeth….even though the dentist said LAST APRIL that they’d be out any day (we could even see her gigantic permanent teeth on the x-ray. i don’t know where she’s gonna put those things!). i do love a cute snaggle toothed smile though 🙂

  2. Adorable. My daughter is also sporting the missing teeth grin.

  3. He really is too cute for words. But you’ve absolutely got it when you call it the ‘First Grade Smile.’ I managed to miss it because I didn’t lose any teeth until second grade (I was one pissed off eight year old, let me tell you.) But yes, Alyssa rocked the first grade smile like no other and I’m better Olivia will do it justice as well.

  4. Awesome! I love that you captured that smile before it was gone forever. But I love toothless grins, too!


  5. I’m waiting for both of Keegan’s to fall out at the same time. They are both pretty loose so I just know they’ll go together. He’ll have to get some smiling tips from Matty 🙂

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