The Word

That word is hateful, is awful and does NOT describe my daughter at all. I’d really like for you to stop using it to mean “stupid, idiotic, dumb, annoying” or whatever other derogatory word you use it for. Because my daughter is none of those things. There is nothing wrong with her. There’s something wrong with you for using that word. I used to use it when I was in high school and didn’t know better. As soon as someone pointed it out to me how hurtful it was to use it, I stopped. You should too. It makes you sounds mean and stupid.

You may think it’s just a word. But it’s not. I had my world completely crushed on February 24, 2001 when the doctor told me that my daughter had mental retardation. Can you imagine what it’s like to sit in a room with your newborn baby girl that you think is perfect and have a doctor tell you that? It’s the worst day of your life. And then to hear people sling that word around over and over and over again to stand for mean and derogatory things? It’s like the knife keeps stabbing you over and over again.

Please stop. Say stupid. Say dumb. Say idiotic. Say annoying. But don’t say that word. Ever.

It hurts.

***Thank you to Holly for letting me borrow this powerful picture idea.***


11 responses to “The Word

  1. It HURTS me to see that picture. Statement well-said.

  2. Bravo! We all need to stand up and declare this word off limits. Thank you for taking the stand.

  3. wonderfully said! Olivia is gorgeous and smart and wonderful….

  4. Thank you Tiffany!!! I think I may make a post like this too!! If you don’t mind. I have such an opinion about this word and it really gets my blood boiling. When I hear people use it it is like nails on a chalk board to me, I literally cringe! You said it perfectly! You are awesome and O is a perfect, beautiful young lady who will love you for sticking up for her and taking a stand in what is right!

  5. i wholeheartedly agree. i used that word more than i care to admit when i was growing up…..but now, never. i’m near dangerous to anyone who does throw it around too. it’s NOT allowed in my library…ever.

  6. That picture idea speaks volumes. That word is so terrible and does not begin to describe the beauty that is Olivia. You put this out there beautifully. I hope that others will hear your message and listen to your words.

  7. Amen! My fervent hope is that that word is taken out of our lexicon and never used again as a taunt or insult. People who claim it’s just a word, have no idea how cruel it truly is.

  8. Oh it is hard for me to even see that picture of your beautiful girl with that word.

  9. Great post. Some people are, sadly, jerks. We should push them to the edge of the herd.

  10. I agree…the picture speaks a thousand words. People should stop saying that word!

  11. Like you, in high school, I used the word all the time. Then, I was majoring in Special Education in college and that word took on a whole new meaning. Thanks for putting it into perspective from such a very personal place.

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