Growing up, I had sleepovers all the time. They were my favorite. Getting asked over to someone’s house to spend the night, anticipating what kind of cool things they’ll have at their house, the whole thing was fun. I remember being really bummed when I thought that Olivia wouldn’t be able to have sleepovers. I was wrong!

For Olivia’s birthday, all she wanted was to go swimming with her BFF and have a sleepover. So of course that’s what she got! We had to postpone it a week after her eye injury and fever, but we still got it done.

We picked up Katie and headed to the pool. There is nothing Olivia likes more than swimming. It’s her absolute favorite thing. She wears goggles now and is getting to be a really good swimmer. When she’s in the water though, she’s oblivious to everyone around her…even Katie. So Katie played with the boys (which they LOVED) and Olivia swam around. She would check in with Katie periodically but for the most part played in the fountains and swam around. The great part about Katie? She’s totally OK with it and she knows that’s just how Olivia swims.

Have I mentioned how much I love this girl? Our whole family is in love with her.

Katie and I were cracking up as we walked into the locker room, where it was freezing, Olivia shouted “Shut the damn door!” It was so funny. We headed home to put on pjs and watch a movie and have a snack. Katie gave Olivia a new Minnie Mouse nightgown and stuffed animal for her birthday. The surprise was Katie had the same exact pjs and stuffed animal! Olivia was so excited about that. They also had matching slippers. It was so fun.

I always get a little nervous about the sleeping part. Olivia’s a great sleeper…at home and by herself. The last time Katie spent the night, I put Olivia to bed first and Katie went in once Olivia was asleep. We tried this again and it worked. Olivia wasn’t quite asleep this time but it still worked out just fine. When I went in the next morning, they were both cuddled up on the floor! Katie said she didn’t sleep there all night and I was relieved! I definitely wanted Katie to sleep well.

We had breakfast and then played for a bit and then it was time for Katie to go home. It was a perfect night! Olivia said “Katie is my best friend!” and told everyone about her sleepover. I can’t even begin to tell you how happy I am that Olivia has a best friend that loves her just for her. It’s the best feeling in the world!

And Matthew had to get in for one too!! Both my boys may or may not have a crush on a certain girl who spent the night. Maybe.


4 responses to “Sleepover

  1. This is GREAT. Isn’t it amazing when our kids find their first best friends? I love how Katie seems to know what Olivia needs all the time. I love hearing about Katie and Olivia.

  2. So wonderful. This brought a beautiful happy feeling to my mama heart 🙂

  3. What a very special little girl. I can see her being a part of Olivia’s life forever! I love that just days ago you wanted us to see Olivia for her and not her disabilities. These pictures show the sweet girl that she is just hanging with her bestie! What a wonderful night you all had 🙂

  4. Posts like this give me hope for this world. That there are kids like Katie and Olivia and your boys, who find each other and love without limits and find the beauty in every single thing, these things make me happy, give me hope, make me so glad to be a mother to my own sweet girls, girls I hope grow to live and love unconditionally.

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