Is our purpose to create a life that makes us wonder how we’d breathe without those who love us?

Is our purpose to love our spouse so deeply that we feel we would wither away without them?

Is our purpose to have children and love them so fiercely that we wonder how we would survive without them?

Is our purpose to find a way to live with the fear and the knowledge that something bad could happen at any moment?

Is our purpose to focus on what’s here today, what’s right today and to try not to think about all that could go wrong?

Is our purpose to put our heart out there, let them in and love deeply anyway?

I think so.


5 responses to “Purpose

  1. “Love deeply anyway.” Amen.
    What a wonderful meditation to the start of the day. Thank you.

  2. This really hit home for me. I OFTEN wonder what I’m doing here. Is it to get a good job and have lots of money? To keep a perfect house? To travel and see the world? Those things seem so small in comparison to what you’ve listed. That’s the kind of purpose I want!

  3. A beautiful post. Thank you for this reminder that sometimes love really is all you need.

  4. You got it!
    BTW- your mom looks fab!

  5. Yes, that is our purpose!!

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