**This was supposed to post yesterday…not sure what happened!**

Eleven years ago today, my world turned completely upside down because of you. I would quickly learn that it turned in a good way…a wonderful way. My life has never been the same since.

You love to dance and sing. Jumping is your new favorite thing. You’ll simply walk up to me, grab my hands and start jumping. You break out in song at the dinner table. You dance without abandon. I love this about you. I hope this never changes.

You love movies. LOVE movies. Anything Disney. Anything funny. You also love America’s Funniest Videos and American Idol. I love that we have shows we can watch together. I love listening to you say “She’s going to Hollywood!” and “I just love Steven Tyler!” Your new favorite song is “Walk This Way”. You have such a fantastic sense of humor. I never expected to share these things with you.

If we don’t have Oreos in the house, it’s a national emergency. Weekends are for mac-and-cheese and chocolate milk. There’s nothing you like better than a lazy Saturday spent in your pajamas and slippers. You ask me to “take out your ponytails” and “put on a show”. You sneak in the pantry and grab a snack. It makes me so happy to see you be so independent and grown-up.

Your favorite people in the world are Daddy, Gabe, Matthew, Amma, Phoebe, Katie and…me. You love to be around your favorite people. There’s no shortage of kisses and hugs and “I love you”s. There’s nothing better than when you wake up and say “Good morning Mommy! How many kisses do you want?” I answer “A Million!” and cover you with a million kisses while you giggle. I’m so happy you were blessed with the ability to speak and express yourself. This will always be one of the most wondrous gifts that I’ve ever been given.

You’re simply a delight. You’re beautiful inside and out. Your smile completely lights up a room. You love deeply, you laugh often and you are filled with joy. You are everything I wanted in a daughter…and more. I couldn’t possibly love you more.

Happy 11th birthday, sweet girl. I love you.


14 responses to “11

  1. Beautiful post. Beautiful picture. Beautiful life. Happy Birthday to Olivia & to you! Congrats on 11 wonderful years :o)

  2. Happy Birthday Olivia! *love*


  4. Happy Birthday, dear Olivia! You and your mom are our heroes!

  5. So beautiful. Happy Birthday to your sweet Olivia!

  6. Eleven beautiful years. I hope it was the best one yet.

  7. That is such a wonderful photo of Olivia. Happy birthday to your beautiful young lady.

  8. I love this picture…beautiful!

  9. 11 – it’s so hard to believe! It truly doesn’t feel like that long ago that I was blessed by being a part of her life. And oh, how that life has grown! Happiest of birthdays to miss Olivia. May she keep that gorgeous smile forever!

  10. What a beautiful post, Happy Birthday to your sweet girl!

  11. That is so sweet, happy birthday to your daughter!

  12. Happy birthday, Olivia!! Xox

  13. Happy Belated Birthday Olivia! Beautiful write Tiffany.

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