Happy This Week

I’m not going to lie…this week was a trip. I decided I needed to end the week focusing on things that made me happy. Here goes…

Matthew asking Matt if he could get his “baseball mittens” and play catch.

Matthew’s bus driver asking me “HOW DO YOU STAND IT?” And by “it” she meant Matthew…you know because he’s so damn cute.

Matthew taking a balloon, candy and a card to his favorite girl in his class on Valentine’s Day. It may have been the cutest thing I’ve ever witnessed.

Gabe and Matthew perfecting their “Wiggle” dance to LMFAO’s “I’m sexy and I know it” complete with pants that snap up the sides so they can rip them off.

Matthew asking why, in said LMFAO video, the guy has a turd in his underwear. I laughed and said “No! That’s his penis!” To which Matthew responded, “Oh my! I’d never shake my penis around the city!”

Gabe getting a gold card at school for being a good example in gym class.

Seeing both of Olivia’s brown eyes open and working today…finally!

Olivia farmer blows her nose. Matt says to her “Chapter 1 in how to win friends and influence people is to NOT farmer blow your nose.” She doesn’t miss a beat, looks up at him and says “What’s in chapter 2?”

Matt bringing home cherry vodka on Thursday night and making me a vodka and tonic. It’s the best thing I’ve had all week.

My friends Stephanie and Cathy bringing Olivia a treat to take her mind off her misery.

A night walk with the family to get everyone out of the house while listening to the boys chase each other and giggle and Olivia chatting away.

What made you happy this week?


10 responses to “Happy This Week

  1. What is a farmer blow? I am not sure I have ever heard of that one! If you look at all that you just wrote you wouldn’t even know you had a tough week. Way to be positive! I think I need to try that approach :o)

  2. HMMM…Lets See…
    -Watching my kids try to roll UP the stairs.
    -The laughter of my kids.
    -Everyone loving the dinner I made.
    -Watching them draw amazing things.
    -Listening and watching them recreate a video game they play out of Lego and then seeing them play it for hours all over the house.
    -My oldest asking me to snuggle at bedtime.
    -Homework being started without me asking.

    I’m sure I could find more, but these are some highlights… 🙂

  3. Things that made me happy, my 4 y/o singing “Red Solo cup”, Emma staying home with a cold and saying “Jammie day!!!! Let’s shop, shop, shop and buy, buy, buy!!” and the Starbucks barista that gave me a free bottle of salt so I can make my own salted caramel lattes at home!!!!

  4. Oh dear, I’ve been sick all week (adjusting to new thyroid med)… I’d have to say, tho, J.’s “EEEEyaaaaY!” was a highlight. Plus, today is a bright, bright, bright sunshiney day. Things are looking up.

  5. Chocolate chip cookies have made me happy. Until I stop and realize how many I ate and then realize how much exercising it will take to burn it off! LOL

  6. Hi Tiffany, I heard about your blog from another blog, A Wide Line. Your reading in really enjoyable and inspirational. I can feel the love you have for your family coming through so sweet and strong from your words on the page!! I signed up to follow you through emails. I blog about being a mom of a teenager, coping with the changes brought on by middle age, and celebrating the ups and downs of nearly 20 years of marriage with the love of my life! My blog is http://lisagradessweinstein.blogspot.com/
    Best wished to you! Lisa

  7. That sounds like a great week! All my Valentine plans turned out great. I didn’t cook but one meal all week. I got to hang out with family, even if it was under sad circumstances. I got to hang out with my friends several times. The boys being so damn cute, charming, and smart. It lets me forget the moments I wanted to throttle them.

  8. THIS MADE ME HAPPY THIS WEEK!!! Seriously how do you stand it? ahahah All of this was just hilarious!! The LMAFO part was HILARIOUS!! I am still laughing. You are such a cute mom!! Seriously, I love how you can see all the wonderful things in your children! And I love that you straight out tell him it’s a penis and not a turd!!! There is no shame and I LOVE THAT!! I hpoe Gian gets accepted to Ohio because I want to hang out with you guys weekly!!

  9. The farmer blow/chapter 2 comment? That sent me into hysterics!

  10. There must have been something in the weather or the moon – last week was totally off for us too. We embraced the positives just like you. It really does make things so much better!

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