Girls’ Night

Last Friday night, Gabe had Pinewood Derby practice and Matthew was spending the night at my Mom’s house. It was just us girls. We decided to plan a girls’ night! Olivia and I were so excited to hang out just the two of us.

We started by getting in our pjs. There is nothing that Olivia likes better than that!

After that we popped in Toy Story and ate mac and cheese on the couch. That’s exciting stuff at our house—food never leaves the kitchen!

After that we headed upstairs for Toy Story 2! We found Woody, Jessie and Bullseye and settled in. We painted our toenails and fingernails and cuddled. It was awesome!

These girls’ nights don’t always go as planned so we were both so happy that it went well and we were able to enjoy our special time together!


11 responses to “Girls’ Night

  1. So cute! What a wonderful memory. It is great to get some one-on-one time!

  2. I never really noticed before but she totally has your smile! Love your girls night šŸ™‚ Glad it was a huge success!

  3. This made me feel so happy! ī– Love those days…making memories. Good ones!!! Yay for you and Olivia!

  4. How fun! Love tout nail color too!

  5. Thats supposed to say your! Not tout. Lol

  6. Love to hear these stories! Last night we had a girls’ night too, because the boys were at Scouts and the older ones had their own activities… We watched “Tangled” which J. had seen but I hadn’t. She kept telling me about the lanterns (new skill for her!) and when Eugene said he would take Rapunzel to see them, J. turned around, pumped her fists overhead and said, “Eeeee-Yaaaay!”
    We’ll have to see if she’ll ever let me paint her nails…

  7. It’s always a great time when quality cuddling is involved. I’m glad you two had a terrific night.

  8. Sounds perfect. And the smile verifies the fun you both had.

  9. Awwwww! It reminds me of Girl’s Night with my little girl (who is now 19 and off at college). Such sweet times!

  10. And this is every reason why every mother should have at least one girl! Seriously, I can’t wait to spend days like this with my little girl {which I swear to all that is good, if I don’t have a girl I am doing IVF…. crazy, yes I’ll admit it but I need to have at least one girl for nights like this}.

    Cutest pictures ever, I love the toesies and the toys and the blankets!! What a lucky girl Olivia is! Gain, you are such a cute mom!

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