Are you ready for this? Olivia freaking ice skated on Sunday!!!!

I was all pissed off because the rink didn’t have any adaptive equipment (even though they host a special needs ice skating team) and weren’t even going to let us use a chair for her to sit on while I pushed her around. She was SO excited to go skating with her Girl Scout troop and I was just so angry that there wasn’t anything we could do. They finally let us use the chair and we rented her a pair of skates. I was sure she wouldn’t even be able to stand up on them, let alone skate. My friends encouraged me to just try and see what happened.

I should know by now that my Olivia knows no limitations, shouldn’t I?

We went around the ice one time on the chair and then she said “I want to try!” So up she went and, while holding on to my hands, she skated around the rink. SKATED!!!!! It was amazing. My friend Robin took my camera and got some awesome pictures of the whole adventure.

The first few times she fell down, she freaked out and started kicking and biting. But I talked her through it and before we knew it, she was not falling, skating holding on to me and LOVING IT! She didn’t want to stop. All told she skated for about 45 minutes!!! Finally she was tired out and asked to go home. I am still in shock as I write this! I felt like giving myself a good ass-kicking for doubting what my little angel is capable of. You never know until you try!!!

Thumbs up indeed, baby girl! You keep showing us all what IS possible!!!


17 responses to “Olivia ICE SKATES!

  1. That is AWESOME!!!

  2. Awesome and amazing!! Way to go!

  3. AWESOME!!!!!!

  4. That IS freaking awesome!!!!!

  5. I love her attitude! Girl knows she can rock it!

  6. Way to go Liv!!!!! Look at that smile on the thumbs up pic. I am lovin’ the snow outfit… I’m jealous tell Olivia I love it!
    – Hannah

  7. Love, love, love this post! You and Olivia are a great inspiration!

  8. You are an amazing mother. Even though you doubted at first, you were at the skating rink with her in the first place! I’m not sure I would even have gone that far! Olivia teaches me something all the time!

  9. Love the….Indeed, she will keep showing us all what’s possible!

  10. Awesome! What a great way to wake up this morning. Thanks.

  11. I love that she has no limitations. I love that you have friends who encourage you to let her try when you’re having doubts. What an awesome day you all had!

  12. I am so amazed and inspired by Olivia!

  13. Grinning ear to ear over here! That girl never ceases to amaze me with her determination. Way to go Olivia! And lesson well learned for mom 😉

  14. Yay for Olivia! That is awesome, but I’m getting to where nothing Olivia can do is surprising. She is Amazing.

  15. OHHH MY GOODNESS!! That is absolutely fantastic! I love that you both have the greatest smiles. Seriously your countenance is glowing! Do you know that my sister McCall can’t even skate!! I am so impressed! Tiffany, you are so beautiful!! And I love your hair! PS your legs look uber skinny in these photos!!! And I’m not just saying all of that to say it… I truly mean it!

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