Olivia Writes

Writing has always been the most difficult task for Olivia. Anything relating to fine motor is really difficult. Her hands just don’t work like they’re supposed to. But we’re making lots of progress. Right now she’s working on her signature. You know, for when she’s famous!

When she first started, her O’s were huge and she wouldn’t stop at just one. She’s supposed to keep it in the box and make it small. Look at these O’s!

She’s also getting more and more independent. Mrs. G gave her this paper, told her to write her O’s in the boxes and walked away. Look at what she did!!!

Because she’s been getting really good at her O’s, she’s been adding on an L. Look at how good she’s getting!!

Now she’s working on putting the O and the L together. Look at her go!

She’s also been doing much better with other fine motor skills. She’s been peeling the backing off stickers, ripping paper and using a push pin to make holes. Look at this sun she made! She was soooo proud of it!

Last but not least she’s still working hard on her spelling words. Last week she only missed one letter and this week, her words are super difficult!!

We are so proud of her!!! We just had her IEP meeting on Wednesday and came up with some awesome goals. I’ll share those with you next week.

Can you believe my girl? Amazing!!!


19 responses to “Olivia Writes

  1. that is so wonderful!! olivia clearly has teachers who are incredible…..which goes really well with her parents who are incredible!!! and it doesn’t hurt that she’s a pretty darn incredible little girl too 🙂

  2. that is soooo awesome! way to go olivia!

  3. With as bright as her smile is, it’s no wonder that sun is PERFECT!!!!

    WAY TO GO TO ALL!!!!

  4. This made me smile from the bottom of my toes all the way to the ends of my hair!!!! As the mom of a child with CdC we also struggle with the universal fine motor issues that plague our children.

    What a HUGE accomplishment for Olivia!!! I am SO PROUD! (Insert handclaps, cartwheels, handsprings, and the crazy chicken dance here.)

    We are still trying (daily) to get Julia to draw a deliberate, controlled 4″ line. What an encouragement this post has been! Olivia is amazing…you are amazing…Mrs. G is amazing!!!

    I know that everyone has different strengths, and Julia may never be able to write or spell…that’s ok…she’s wonderful regardless. HOWEVER helping you celebrate Olivia’s accomplishments gives me such hope. After all, our girls weren’t even supposed to LIVE (as per doctors initial reports) and LOOK at all they are doing!!!!

    YAAAAAY!!!!! 

  5. That is huge! What amazing progress. She is lucky to have such a wonderful teacher and the support or your amazing family. xoxo

  6. How exciting!!! Way to go Olivia, can cannot say she lacks determination.

  7. This is awesome and so very reminscent of a few days ago at our house when I was ‘helping’ Olivia sign valentines for her class party today. She could do the O and the L but not the rest. So I finished her name for her. But I was inpressed with the way she wrote the o and the l. I’ll take what we can get.

  8. Oh my word! What great progress 🙂

  9. That’s wonderful! I’m so happy for you both. She’s making such amazing progress. You must be so proud. 🙂

  10. She is wonderful, and is doing a great job! It looks like she has a wonderful teacher. I love seeing these posts about what a great job she is doing in her school and look forward to the IEP post next week.

  11. I awesome! Yay for you all:) the OL are beautiful…<3

  12. I keep finding myself at the bottom of the comments. Simple put, what a great motivational and up-lifting slice of your life to share with everyone. The other day you were feeling down, but seeing and sharing your daughter’s progress has got to make you feel blessed. I feel blessed that you shared that with me….us. Your daughter’s accomplishments makes me want to be a better person.

  13. Congrats to Olivia! I love that you memorialized her progress in this post.

  14. Oh how
    I am
    Impressed. That is


  15. Wow! That is awesome! She’s doing great! And you are one proud mama!

  16. Again with the big smiles! You are awesome Olivia!!!

  17. WOW is right!! She is coming along so well! And I love to see all the cute ways her teacher {or you} keep the positive affirmations going! Tell O I totally know what it is like to have a hard time with spelling and writing and that she isn’t alone in that matter! Way to go Olivia, keep up all that hard work!!! You are doing fan-freaking-tastic!!

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