For My Valentine

My heart still goes pit-pat when I think of you.
I still get a thrill when I hear your car in the driveway.
Sure, flowers have been replaced by unloading the dishwasher.
But I’ll take it. It’s still hot.
We hardly ever turn out the lights and just go to sleep.
I’m never bored with you.
You’re still the one I want to spend time with the most.
You still make me laugh.
There’s no one I need more than you.

You and me. Always.

**Inspired by Mamakat’s Writer’s Workshop topic: Write a poem for your Valentine.**


9 responses to “For My Valentine

  1. What a great poem. I’m sure your valentine will love it!

  2. Oh, that thrill when he gets home? Or just out the blue? It’s the best feeling, reminding us that whatever got us here is still there. Glad you have it still too.

  3. You’re definitely one of the lucky ones. It’s neat when the lucky ones realize that.

  4. A man that knows how to load a dishwasher is really much better than flowers. My guy does it every night.

  5. Unloading the dishwasher is hot, isn’t it? So is making scrambled eggs and cuddling a cranky baby in my house. Happy Valentine’s Day!!

  6. Love the song. Very appropriate for two of my favorite people.

  7. I love this. Doing chores is way hotter than giving flowers. Hubba hubba!

  8. Happy Valentine’s Day! Love when my husband does chores around the house too…

  9. That is beautiful and cute.

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