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Over the past few weeks I’ve tried 12 recipes from Pinterest. I think that’s one of my favorite things to do—find new recipes, cook them up and see how they taste! I thought I’d review them for you to save you some time. Most of them are keepers!!

I tried making my own coffee cream. I don’t like it that I can’t pronounce some of the ingredients in my store-bought creamer. It was easy to make and tasted good. Not as good as my store bought creamer though and I had to use more of it in my coffee. I’m not sure it was cheaper either. I don’t think this will stay in my arsenal. It was worth a try!

We like to have a big breakfast on Sundays. I don’t know what it is about Sundays but it just doesn’t feel right without a big breakfast, lots of coffee and curling up with a good book. I made these donuts from biscuits last weekend and they were to die for. These are definitely a keeper!!!

This lemon-garlic chicken and green beans looked intriguing so I gave it a whirl. It was so flipping easy and was all in one pan which I liked. Perfect for a busy weeknight. It wasn’t the best thing I’ve ever had; it needed sauce for the chicken or something. But for how easy it was? I’m keeping it.

Last night I made this cream of mushroom soup and Texas Roadhouse rolls for dinner. I was the only one who liked the soup (Matt said it was fine, my Mom said it was rich, Gabe took one bite and gagged). Not keeping this one! The rolls, however, were out of this world. I will make these for the rest of my life! Plus, I don’t know why, but I LOVE making bread.

These zucchini strips with carmelized onion dip were really yummy. You definitely need to use Panko breadcrumbs though. I didn’t have any and used crushed saltine crackers instead and they weren’t very crunchy.

My dad came over for breakfast two Sundays ago and I made these mini danishes. They were really delicious and pretty easy. Don’t skip the powdered sugar on top!

I tried this Olive Garden copycat recipe too. It didn’t taste just like the Olive Garden’s dressing but it was really good. The recipe makes a ton so be prepared. I’m always doing that—not looking at how much a recipe makes and then having way too much!

When we had our vegetarian friends over for dinner, I made these spicy bean and rice burritos. They were heavenly. Really spicy so adjust that if you can’t take the heat! Healthy too!!

Last, but not least, I tried this site from Pinterest on “20 things to do with a chicken breast”. I love that site. How many times have you set out to make chicken for dinner and really wanted something new? This site has…20 great ideas!! We tried the Lemon Chicken and everyone, even Matthew, liked it. I served it with rice and snow peas for a Chinese flair. We also tried the Sauteed Chicken with Creamy Chive sauce and it was a hit too. Add some potatoes and vegetables and you’re all set!!!

I hope this adds a few new recipes to your repertoire. Do you have any you want to share?


8 responses to “Recipe Reviews

  1. In my defense, my darling daughter does know that my palate tends toward the juvenile rather than the adult. Having said that, however, I did try it (when honestly the thought of mushroom soup was a bit scary for me!) and I ate most of what I was given 🙂 I will say though that the priobiotic (?) effects were, shall we say, monumental 🙂 Love U and love that you get me to try new things! Mom

  2. Thanks for the reviews. I’ve seen many of these and wondered 🙂 what is funny is the donut “recipe” was my friend’s secret donut recipe and then we saw it on pinterest lol..secret is out. Have you tried the cheddar biscuits that copy the red lobster ones? Sooooo good

  3. You made homemade doughnuts and danishes? I stand in awe.

  4. Thanks for the links to the recipes. Definitely going to try some of them.

  5. i’ve found several good recipes (and a few not-so-good!) on pinterest 🙂 i’m definitely interested in the doughnuts from biscuits deal though!!

  6. Yum! I’ve been trying Pinterest recipes, too. Last night, I made the cheesy cauliflower pancakes and the brussels sprouts with cherries and couscous. (They’re both on my Fruits & Veggies board … I think WP will spam me if I link to them here.) Sooooo good, both of them. One out of three kids scarfed them down, and I’ll take that where veggies are involved.

    PS: On Thursday, you should link this to my friend MEP’s “Real Women of Pinterest” series. I’ll send you the details in an e-mail … right after I draft my own RWoP post. =>

  7. Love the recipes on Pinterest! We made crab rangoons and they were fantastic – they need a little work but will definitely be mad again! We also did a white enchilada recipe that was fantastic and certainly a life saver for a kiddo with tomato allergies!
    I have been DYING to make the donuts! Perhaps this weekend 🙂

  8. I love Pinterst too. Would love to follow you, how do I find you? My fave recipe is Carmelitas. Search for it and make it, you won’t regret it! So not healthy but great PMS treat!,

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