Matthew’s Hilarious Moment #4928

Matthew is just hilarious. There’s no two ways about it. Most of the time he’s not even trying…he’s just naturally a comedian. He’s also obsessed with my boobs. He loves to poke them, touch them and bounce them. I have no idea why but it’s pretty funny. Last Wednesday night, he’s playing with my boobs while I’m reading him books. I finish with the story, he finished playing around with them and he looks at me and says:

“You know, boobs aren’t that much fun to play with.”

I lost it! That kid is so funny. I guess he’s going to be a butt man.


8 responses to “Matthew’s Hilarious Moment #4928

  1. So funny! What a great smile he has 🙂

  2. Cute. I’m sure he may change his opinion on the subject as he gets older. Hopefully, a lot older.

  3. Lol. Thanks for the Monday morning chuckle.

  4. I am so over letting O play with my boobs. It drives me NUTS these days. But I love that Matthew declared that they’re not even that fun. Heeee!

  5. What a great picture…this post is soooo funny.

  6. I love him, oh so much!

  7. That made me laugh and I bet he changes his mind.

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