Most days I open the mail and it’s nothing but bills and junk and absolutely nothing fun. On Tuesday, there was a surprise in there. For my Olivia.

A few weeks ago I posted on FB “How do you afford Justice clothes for your little girl? Holy cow expensive!”. I was trying to buy Olivia some Justics clothes because all of her friends wear it and I always like to try and help her fit in. If I’m honest, I don’t really like the clothes all that much and I definitely think they’re overpriced. I much prefer Gap or Hanna Anderson or Mini Boden or Catching Fireflies. But everything’s so expensive! The beautiful and sweet Dana from The Kitchen Witch wrote on my wall that her daughter, Miss D., had outgrown some Justice clothes and she would send them to me. I thought that was so kind.

Fast forward to the cute little yellow envelope addressed to Olivia. From Miss D. Inside was a very sweet note to Olivia about Miss D’s favorite clothes—twirly skirts from Hanna Anderson—and how she hoped Olivia would be able to buy some. Also included were gift cards for Olivia to Hanna Anderson from Miss D. I was blown away. It was so generous, so unexpected and so very kind.

Olivia got home from school and I showed her the note and the picture of Miss D and Miss M that were included. Olivia waved at the picture and said “Hi girls!”. We then sat down at the computer and looked at twirly skirts and dresses and picked out these beautiful garments below. We can’t wait for them to get here.

I think Olivia will be wearing the dress and tights for her birthday brunch. I’m sure there will be a lot of twirling. Thank you, Dana and Miss D, for your generosity and for making my little girl smile.


12 responses to “Generous

  1. I am so touched to hear of their generosity!! That was a special time for you and Olivia, I can imagine, “shopping” online together. What a neat gift to receive!

  2. This is a biblical principle…you reap what you sow. Sow rhubarb…reap rhubarb. We can’t expect to reap tomatoes if we sow rhubarb.

    Sow kindness…reap kindness. Sow generosity…reap generosity.

    Your life reflects a garden sown with many lovely things, Tiffany. I seem to remember you recently sending a surprise birthday package to a fellow blogger. And though you didn’t send it expecting to receive anything back…here is the action returned. We can’t get away from “The Law of the Farm”…you reap what you sow!

    Since you’re constantly sowing kindnesses I’m sure there are many sweet harvests in your future.

  3. That is so sweet. The world needs more people like Miss D and Dana! Olivia picked out some super cute clothes too!

  4. Awwww. So heartwarming. Isn’t it amazing how this bloggy world has connected us? Thank you for sharing with all of us how a little thoughtfulness, a little generosity and kindness can touch us in such profound ways.

  5. So very cool! Your kindness and positivity come back to you. To me it’s important (and more so than it ever was with my typical girls!) to make sure J. looks nice and presentable. In the waiting room at therapy appts., I’m a little sad when I see kids who appear as tho no one cares how they look or if the clothes even fit! When you have the potential to encounter people (even professionals!) who may not value your child as they should, I think it helps to send the message that this child IS loved and cared for. And you know how people seem to treat you better when you look more presentable? It may not be right, but it happens.
    FWIW – I’ve had great luck finding all those fashionable brands at Once Upon A Child. Plus, they’re already preshrunk and softened up, and I can afford extras for the emergency stash. Oh yes, the emergency stash… like when J. jumps back into the draining bathtub, fully clothed, or sits down in a mud puddle!

  6. What a sweet gesture. It’s so wonderful to know that so many people out there are always willing to help out, share and give even with the economy as it stands now. During these hard times, it’s people like you and Dana that makes life a little more brighter and sweeter.

  7. I love to see kindness especially when you are least expecting it. I can’t wait to see Olivia in her new outfit!!

  8. That is beyond wonderful!

  9. The GOOD in people really amazes me sometimes. It never fails to brighten my whole world.

  10. So cool. That Kitch is a gem isn’t she?

  11. Gotta love Dana – she’s amazing! And way to go Miss D for following in her mama’s footsteps šŸ™‚

  12. Love you.

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