My Kids Right Now

I saw this post a while ago on Holly’s blog and loved it and asked her if I could steal it. Thankfully, she said yes.

I never want to get so caught up in the minutiae of every day that I forget to enjoy my kids RIGHT NOW. They’re my heart, they’re my soul, they’re my everything.


8 responses to “My Kids Right Now

  1. It’s so sweet how you know and love your children so well!

  2. I followed your link last week and read Holly’s blog for the first time. (btw- I loved it! So real and funny!) I was going to do this with my kids too sometime in the next few weeks. Should I ask Holly if it’s okay? I think it’s a cute way to document how they are in that moment since everything changes so fast.

    Great pictures of your kids! You are a really good photographer!

  3. I love, love, love this! I’m gonna have to do it – if for no one else but me!!! BTW – Olivia is looking WAY too grown up in that picture!!! So beautiful 🙂

  4. This is a really cute idea! The shots you picked show so much of their personality.

  5. What cute little photos and words you choose to describe each picture! Those were great Tiffany!!

  6. they came out awesome! I’ve been waiting to see!

  7. Very cute idea! What a way to capture their personalities.

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