Please Help Amelia

I read a post this morning that made me sick to my stomach and broke my heart. Go here and read it and then help us spread the word and sign the petition. Please.

If this little girl isn’t worth saving, then what about mine? What if they had decided that my little girl didn’t deserve to live? Please help.


8 responses to “Please Help Amelia

  1. I am stunned! Of course I signed the petition. Could the same decision be made if my son needed a transplant? Would his mental health disorders disqualify him based on perceived quality of life? Very disturbing.

  2. This is absolutely evil, but I think this kind of thing is happening more often than we know. I just looked up Wolf-Hirschorn Syndrome, and it is deletion of the short arm of chromosome 4 (i.e., 4P-)!! Boy, that hits close to home.

  3. i absolutely signed. and i canNOT believe that they acted as if the parents being involved was a bad thing. how dare they treat that precious child like she is a subpar person. they are getting VERY close to a hitler-like attitude….it is truly appalling.

  4. I’m still shocked about it…

  5. This is just awful! It astounds me how doctors play God and determine whose lives are worth living and whose are not. Those poor parents…

  6. That is horrible!! I signed the petition and really hope that she gets the care that she needs.

  7. I continue to be saddened by all of the people – professionals or otherwise – who feel they can play God with the life of a child. Should we no longer give the aging medication or offer them surgeries because they are old and will die soon anyway? The only ones qualified to make the life or death decision about this little girl are her parents. I’m so glad you shared this. I missed the cutoff to sign the petition but truly hope that she is able to get the surgery she needs. My thoughts go out to her family.

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