In Our House

**from Pinterest**

In our house, we do good morning kisses and hugs from Mom and Dad. Even if you’re almost 10.

In our house, we watch good old-fashioned TV like Looney Tunes, Tom & Jerry and Disney movies.

In our house, we kiss Mom good-bye before we leave for school. Even if you’re almost 10. If you don’t, you can be sure she’ll kiss you in front of everyone on the school bus.

In our house, we eat a snack and play when we get home from school. Homework can wait for later.

In our house, we eat dinner together. Every night. We eat whatever Mom makes. We say thank you for dinner. Every time.

In our house, we eat dessert. Every night. Even if it’s just a popsicle, we always have dessert.

In our house, Olivia gets 5 Oreos and boys only get 2. There’s no complaints. That’s how we roll. She only weighs 50 lbs.

In our house, we read books before bed. All of us together.

In our house, we give hugs and kisses good night and get tucked in. Even if you’re almost 10.

In our house, we are kind to each other. When we can’t help ourselves and say mean things, we apologize. And we mean it.

In our house, we know that your brother and sister are your best friends. You better treat them that way.

In our house, parents love each other and aren’t afraid to show it. We hope you learn from our example and always show others you love them.

In our house, we say I love you. Often. And we mean it.

In our house, brothers read their sister books. Sometimes with an English accent. They show her pictures and ask her questions and make her laugh. And they’re not embarrassed.

In our house, brothers give their sister big bear hugs in the driveway even though all the kids on the bus can see. We love freely and deeply in our house.

In our house, we understand that everyone’s different and everyone has things they’re good at. Even if they have Cri du Chat syndrome.

In our house, we laugh. A lot. All the time. Together.

In our house, we are fiercely loyal to each other.

In our house, we love each other. Forever and no matter what.


8 responses to “In Our House

  1. How Beautiful, Tiffany. I would say I want this for my house, but I think we already have it. We are in a younger stage. But, we love fiercely and laugh loudly. And, we always apologize when we do wrong. I will strive for all these things!! Thanks.

  2. Love this in so many ways….it’s beautiful.

  3. I saw this on mynewfavoriteday’s facebook page. It is absolutely beautiful!! Thank you for sharing it!

  4. So great. This is perfect. And every meal really should end in dessert.

  5. This is wonderful! A great list of gratitude and love.

  6. What a wonderful way to live life as a family 🙂 I think I will post this on my fridge. Thanks!

  7. I love this post. I may steal it! And dinner together, every night? Yep, it happens here too. Life’s just better that way!

  8. A great tribute to living in the moment. And the gift of gratitude. Thanks for the reminder Tiffany!

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