Rock and Role Model

Right before the holidays, I received a special invitation from a special girl. Her name is Maya and she’s my best friend Amy’s daughter. It was to her Brownie Troop’s “Rock and Role Model” party.

Who me? Moi? I’m your role model?

Yes, indeed. I was so excited that she would even think of me! I told Matt I didn’t care if I was her 10th choice, just the fact that I was on this sweet little girl’s radar in that fashion made me overjoyed. The event night came and I was blown away by this Brownie Troop. They were all dressed up in dresses with their sashes on and greeted us at the door. They then took us to our seats where they had programs printed for us to follow. They had desserts and coffee for us. It was so nice! They made a little speech, sang us some songs and then each girl introduced their role model to the crowd. It was mostly grandmas and aunts and teachers. There was a neighbor, which I thought was so sweet, and a cousin…and me. I’m not sure I’ve ever felt so special.

They presented us with a gift. Maya made me a painted rock with a heart on it. It is perfect. I have a spot on my nightstand where I keep my favorite picture of Matt, a pinecone Matthew picked for me and now Maya’s heart. It reminds me every day that I’m special to her. It makes me smile. They also wrote us each a letter but, as I was barely keeping the tears in throughout the night, I decided to wait until I got home. Here’s what it said:

“Dear Mrs. Townsend,
Thank you for being my role model. When I grow up I want to be just like you. You are very caring which is important to me as a Girl Scout. I always love coming to your house!! You are also very considerate to me and my family. Love, Maya.”

I was crying so many happy tears. Maya has been so special to me since pre-school when she invited Gabe and Olivia over for a playdate. The rest, as they say, is history. Our families are so close and we’re really hoping Gabe and Maya get married one day! We love to watch them interact and imagine reminiscing over our shared grandkids’ heads. We’re silly that way. Maya is so close in age to Olivia that I love watching her grow up. It’s bittersweet at times because I think of what good friends Maya and Olivia would be if Olivia was “typical”. But they’re good buddies anyway. And Amy promised I can go along for homecoming and prom dress shopping. 😉

It was a night I will treasure forever. Thank you, Maya!!

**My camera was broken and this was taken on an ipod touch!**


7 responses to “Rock and Role Model

  1. So sweet & what a great program for the girls to put on. You should make more room on the nightstand, because I am pretty sure you are many peoples role model :o)

  2. Wow, what an honor, Tiffany. My husband wants to put Lizzy-Jane into the girl scout program when it is time. This definitely encouraged me in that direction. It is important to learn manners and the joy of such events!

  3. So wonderful! What a huge compliment and you know what they say about “out of the mouth’s of babes.” What an amazing impact you must have on Maya and the compassion, kindnesses and acceptance she is learning from you.

    I can understand the bittersweet comment and also the images of Gave and Maya riding off into the sunset:)

    A beautiful post…love!

  4. Wow…what a special night! I love that she made you something you can keep.

    Maybe you can retell this story at their wedding? LOL!

  5. That is so sweet. What a wonderful honor.

  6. So glad she adores you as much as her Mom does….!!!

  7. What an amazing girl! What a truly beautiful way to be honored. Cherish it always 🙂

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