Fairies Really Do Exist

You know I love me some Kitchen Witch. I read her every time she pops up in my reader. So imagine my surprise when one day I head over to Chez TKW to read and she has a post about a fairy hobmother who gave her a free juicer. I was in awe. Seriously? Someone in blogging land who gives away free appliances to bloggers? I wrote TKW and asked how it worked and sent an email wish to The Fairy Hobmother. While I was waiting to hear back from the Fairy Hobmother, I saw this post over at Unknown Mami’s house. Sure as shit, she’s real!!! I was given enough of a gift card from her to buy something really exciting to me…a panini maker!!! I had wanted one forever but didn’t want to spend the money. I went with the George Forman grill because it was cheap and got good reviews and could be used for other things besides paninis. It’s fantastic!!!

So far we’ve kept things pretty simple and done grilled cheese with different kinds of cheese, ham and cheese and turkey and cheese. I haven’t been real adventurous yet. Here are some I can’t wait to try:

You know I adore Pioneer Woman. These two paninis look divine and I really need to make them ASAP! First up, chicken and roasted red peppers. Yummmmmmmmmm. Next, chicken bacon ranch. Seriously.

These two I found on Pinterest and think they look amazingly delicious. Chicken and pesto? Yes, please. I’ll eat cardboard if it has pesto on it. Brie is seriously divine and I found one with brie and raspberries that looked divine. I can’t wait to try it! Maybe with apples too.

Fairies really do exist! Thank you, Fairy Hobmother!


5 responses to “Fairies Really Do Exist

  1. So, yeah. I haven’t posted on my blog in about 2 years. I’m planning on starting a new one, though, about my paleo cooking adventures – if nothing else than as a tried it/liked it/hated it repository for recipes. Might have to change the name though….
    Anyway…Fairies that give out kitchen appliances?? SHUT. UP. Amazeballs. I would really really really love a Vitamix. But those are hella pricey (but i could make soups! And my own coconut milk! and sunbutter!) Failing that, I would like an immersion blender (powerful enough to make soups! and homemade mayo!) because I have no idea where mine ended up in the divorce. It may be in foster care.

  2. Hooray for you! I’m glad it’s making your life a little easier. Love you, friend!

  3. I totally remember reading that post at TKW’s and thinking it was to good to be true (but since it was Dana writing it, I knew it had to be real), but I feel like your reminder is just the reinforcement I need to actually check this Hobmother out. I mean, if all the cool kids are doing it, shouldn’t I do it too? 😉

  4. Yay, I love that Fairy Hobmother!

  5. I’m hoping to hear from the good Fairy… Congrats to you though! I love, love, love our Panini pan!

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