I’ve never been able to imagine Olivia as a teenager. I don’t know if it was self-preservation or what. But when the calendar turned to 2012 and I realized that my baby girl will be turning 11 this year, I panicked a little. My baby girl can’t turn 11. That is very close to 13. Very close to junior high. Very close to a teenager.

I can’t possibly be the mother of a pre-teen, can I?

It’s a very weird existence when you’re simultaneously changing a diaper and getting your child dressed while wondering if it’s time for a training bra. It kinds of blows your mind. The thought of my little girl developing makes me want to hurl. My biggest fear in that area is that she ends up with a nice rack and maintains her skinny little body. No way this mama wants the boys looking at my girl. And you all know she’s gorgeous. And sweet. And funny. And kind. And friendly. Add a hot body on top of that and I get freaked out. Wouldn’t you? I just can’t believe it’s 2012. I really can’t.

It feels like yesterday that I was waiting with baited breath to hear a word, any word, come out of her mouth. Waiting for her to crawl. To sit up. To walk. And now I’m waiting (and not in a good way) for periods and training bras and hormones? WTF? I just can’t believe it.

I see her walking up the driveway after getting off the bus with her cute outfit, her hair done just so and her glasses saying “Hi Mama!! How was your day?” and I just stare. When did my baby becoming this beautiful, mature, pre-teen girl?

Lord help me.


10 responses to “Pre-Teen

  1. Holy cow!!! 11 is getting old!!! That is when I “blossomed” ahhahah and then it got me thinking about my whole year as an 11yr old. You are right, that is a big year of change! Yeah… she can’t have big tatas because then she would have it all… you forgot to mention her amazing hair that makes me sooooooooooo jealous!!! If she out grows me {which even 11yr old boys do} then I will just be sad because she will have both the hair and body I always dream of!! ahhaha I’m kinda serious though…. have you seen my breasticles? I will just tell you I don’t even fill out a 32A someone needs to seriously help me!!! And by someone I mean God or plastic surgeon!!!

    She is so amazing Tiff! Where does time go? And how does everything just move on by so fast? I guess it must mean you are really happy and enjoying every second of it huh!!! Time flies when you are having fun!

  2. If you haven’t seen Josie recently, who is14, she looks like a high schooler or even older! Bella is 10 1/2 and I think she is in the beginning stages of all that. I can’t imagine her not being a kid. She is such a kid still. She still plays with stuffed animals and littlest pet shop toys. I think Josie was easier b/c she has always been a little adult. Bella is going to be hard for me. I will warn you it is a tough, but truly amazing transition. Makes me enjoy my little 6-yr-old Tessa a little more :o) Good luck!

  3. Miss D. is ten and has been in a training bra for a year. It scares me to death!

  4. Hold on! You’re in for quite a ride! (But it’s all good, Mama. I promise!) xo

  5. I have the same concerns, altho with J. being a little younger, I know it will be to you that I look for support! Every time I go past the teeny sports bras at Target, I wonder how long it will be… I do so enjoy having a little girl.

    P.S. Doin’ good. Thanks for prayers!

  6. She really is so beautiful. I understand your concerns but you are so up for this. You are going to be an amazing mom to your preteen and yes, even teenage girl. She’s going to need you more than ever as she navigates the world of jr. high and high school. Yikes!!

  7. i am BEYOND glad that hannah still has a good 6 years before hitting the pre-teens. i swear, she learned to rider her bike the other day and i barely held it together emotionally. it’s going to get reeeeeeally ugly around the shoaf household!

  8. I well up in tears every time I think of my daughter as a teenager.
    Beautiful pics of Olivia.

  9. I’m so with you…I don’t think I’ll ever be ready for this…
    I love the pictures!

  10. When did she get so big?!?! You are going to be a great mom to her in the pre teen years and the teen years and all the other years. You’ve proven that already time and time again. She has turned into quite the beautiful young lady. I’m proud to know her and you!

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