Too Much Cuteness

Matthew was in a wedding this weekend. Remember this post when I congratulated my two former students, one of whom became one of my dearest friends and both whom I adore, on their engagement? Well they got married last weekend and chose my baby as their ring bearer! The wedding was amazing. Truly. Sarah was a stunning bride and you could tell that she and Kyle were just so happy to be getting married and starting their life together. I still think of them as high schoolers so it was strange to see them as husband and wife. I felt very proud and happy and joyous. It was a good weekend. Unfortunately, I’m still camera-less. I never realized how attached I am to my camera. I borrowed my sister’s but it’s like borrowing someone’s car…it just didn’t feel right. I’m sure I’ll end up spending a fortune to buy some from the amazing photographer Sarah hired because I know I’ll want a precious photo of my little man in his monkey suit.

When I asked Matthew if he would be the ring bearer for Sarah, he wasn’t too sure. My boys like to do things right and he’s never been to a church before, let alone a wedding. He didn’t really know what it was. We watched some videos on Youtube and talked it out and he agreed. Oh and I may have bribed him with the promise of a toy of his choice. Maybe.

You could tell when they asked him to do this during the rehearsal that I was going to be buying him ANY toy he wanted. His face said “Mom. This was not part of the deal.”

Luckily, the flower girl was super fun and into zombies so he got over it pretty quickly. At the rehearsal dinner he got to have a Sprite and cheese pizza and a monster truck. He declared it the best day of his life. The wedding day was a long but fun day for both of us. He was a complete angel. He never complained about wearing his tux for 8+ hours. Or having his picture taken. Or holding hands. He loved it all. And he was just…beyond cute. See for yourself.

See what I mean? Too much cuteness. I could barely stand it. I cried at the wedding. I normally do. But seeing Kyle, who was one of my all-time favorite students and such a wonderful young man, marry my sweet Sarah was just too wonderful. Add my baby in a tux to the mix and I was a puddle. I was so happy to share in their special day in my small way.

After the wedding we went home to change. I had been in Spanx for almost 6 hours and couldn’t take it anymore. Matthew couldn’t stand his shoes for one more second. I personally think the Converse looked adorable. The bride wore Nike Shox so she didn’t mind at all!! (Smart bride, right?)

It was a perfect day and I was so proud of my little ring bearer. He said it was “much more fun that I thought it was going to be. And I got presents!” Santa was at the reception with a remote control car for my little man. Matt took him to my Mom’s about 8:30 when he could barely keep his eyes open. The flower girl came looking for him a while later to ask him to dance. I told him this when we picked him up the next morning and he said “Well thank God I left early!”.

Too much cuteness…don’t you think?


7 responses to “Too Much Cuteness

  1. What a little heartbreaker! Matthew looks fabulous in his tux.

  2. What guy doesn’t dig chicks who like zombies? Love the converses and the dimples!

  3. Oh. So. Cute! He looked so grown up in his little tux! Little boys are so funny when it comes to “mushy stuff” like holding hands and dancing with girls. Can you imagine what you would have had to buy him if he had to dance with her? 🙂

  4. What a handsome little man!

    My guy was a ring bearer a couple of years ago and we kept talking about how they were getting married and he was the special boy in it. A few days before, he looked up in his big brown 5-year old eyes and asked if we would miss him when he went to be their boy. I nearly bawled on the spot. I have no idea where he got it in his head that he was going with them yo live but the sweet boy was going along with it I guess because he thought that is what we wanted. Luckily, we dissuaded him of such a fallacy and he went on to be a great ring bearer! Kids are so funny!

    Lots of love to your big little man and all of your beautiful family this holiday!

  5. Such a handsome little boy. So adorable.

  6. Ok, the picture of Matty with the tux and Chuck Taylor’s just keeps me smiling from ear to ear! That kid is just too darn cute!

  7. I am trying so hard to not be a creeper and stalk every post by leaving a comment but I can’t help myself!! He is so flipping cute! I am in love with his little suit! I especially love it with his Convers!! I love that he said it was the best day of his life ahhahaha. So so very cute!!!

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