Buddy is a Funny Elf

***Disclaimer for the photos: my camera battery DIED on my good camera. I have to use my point-and-shoot while I wait for the UPS guy to bring me my new battery.***

I know you’re probably sick of Elf on the Shelf posts…but it’s my blog and I can write what I want, right? HA! I read a post the other day that I thought was mean-spirited. It basically made fun of and berated those of us that do fun things with our elves. Let me start by saying that I don’t do fun things with my elf so that everyone will think I’m super creative or supermom…I do it because it’s fun. Because the kids LOVE it. And guess what? Sometimes my husband does it, not me! So stop all the hating and just do what YOU want to do with your elf. If you want to leave it in the same spot all of December, that’s great! If you want to just hide it, that’s wonderful! If you want to do crazy things with it, go for it! I really think we shouldn’t be mean to others just because their choices are different from ours. Don’t you agree? Can you tell posts where Moms are mean to other Moms drive me nutso???

The elf at our house, who we named Buddy because Elf is one of our favorite movies, is super silly. He likes to have fun and do silly things around our house. Take a look…

He took a ride in our playhouse car. He was waiting for the kids by the front door. “MOM! How did he get down to the basement to get that car??”

One morning we woke up and he was taking a ride on the ceiling fan!! The kids laughed thinking about how dizzy he must have been.

He was all bundled up with a blanket and scarf and watching over my precious peppermint mocha coffee cream the other day. “MOM!! I bet he misses the North Pole and wanted to be cold!”

One morning he was hiding in the pitcher we have on our mantle. “MOM! I almost couldn’t find him! What a good hiding place!”

The best so far was when we came down and found him, Barry Bee, Pluto and Sock Monkey playing Monopoly. Those crazy animals!

We were all a little grossed out when he pooped in the toilet and left it for us. At least he wiped! Of course my boys should be used to poop being left in the toilet…but I digress.

Yesterday he made a snow angel out of rice and today he replaced our stockings with our underwear! Funny elf!!

Our advent calendar has been so much fun too. I love watching the kids open their eyes in the morning and shout “I wonder where Buddy is! Whose turn is it to pick out of the bag for the advent calendar?” They’ve been beyond thrilled with everything, especially the coloring books and crayons. I splurged and bought these crayons and they were worth every penny. If you have artists in your family, get these! I love that the TV has been off and instead we’re doing puzzles, playing games and coloring. Now that’s what I call Christmas spirit!

Are you enjoying the holiday season with your kids? What’s been the most fun?


8 responses to “Buddy is a Funny Elf

  1. I love your elf ideas! So creative!

  2. i can’t believe some people waste their time being “mad” at how others hide their elf! whatever! i am one of the “boring” moms who just puts the thing in a different spot each night but i love the ideas you’ve come up with for your elf. just wondering… did you leave him and his game of monopoly with his friends up all day? i thought you weren’t supposed to touch the elf or he’d lose his magic??? as you can tell, i am a novice elf-er. as for our christmas season, we’ve been doing a version of the advent calendar too. since i am a sahm and evan is still not in school full time, the “prizes” in our calendar have been more activities then gifts. some examples are bake cookies, family game night, make snowflakes, make and decorate a felt christmas tree, etc. i will admit that i stole most of the ideas from others (usually different blogs i read give me great suggestions!). my kids are loving it but honestly i think i am enjoying spending time doing it with my kids even more!

  3. Tiffany, I’m sorry if I hurt your feelings. I did not mean to personally hurt anyone nor did I intend it to be so harsh. There are things I don’t get about others and things people don’t get about me. At the end of the day it takes everything I have left to just do the basics at home and coming up with something creative (and may be something I’ll have to clean up) is something I can’t fathom.
    You amaze me with all you do. Best wishes for a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  4. I have had the elf on a shelf for years but never thought it was that fun, until this year when I saw how creative people get! Usually I would hide it and then the kids would look for it and they were over it after a day or two. But now I realize I have been missing the part that makes it so fun! I will so be doing this next year and going all out just like you πŸ™‚ Love it!

  5. Haters gonna hate! Part of the joy of Christmas is children having fun. I say go for it and party with your Elf Buddy all season long.

  6. Your creativity makes me want to actually go out and buy the “creepy” elf! I love how crazy your elf gets πŸ™‚
    I have got to get those crayons for Eli. He has been all about art lately and would LOVE these! Thanks for sharing.
    Oh… and when did Gabe start looking so insanely grown up?!?!

  7. I want to spend the night just so I can find Buddy in the morning!

  8. ahahah Iove your photos!! And I know exactly what post you are talking about. Not because I read it our found it but because someone was telling me about it and I too felt like it was judgmental. I know it was suppose to be funny, but I agree so much with you. Do what you want and not care about what other people think!!! That is my motto, and I feel so passionate about it. I would do it too, but I first need to buy and elf! I was hoping I would find one on sale now that Christmas is over. Where did you buy yours?

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