Cry Baby

What is it about movies that makes one cry? For me, it’s something particularly touching, happy or sad. I cry often during movies. I could watch a movie every day, that’s how much I love them. When I watch, I really get into the movie; so much so that when something touching/happy/sad happens to a character, I feel as though it’s happening to me. Does this happen to you?

Here are my top 5 tear-jerkers. They make me cry every. single. time. It doesn’t matter if I’ve watched it 20 times, I still cry. There are tons of other movies that made me cry, but these are ones that I’ve watched multiple times and…cried.

1.) Sleepless in Seattle
Take your pick why this one makes me cry. The mom/wife dying in the beginning; Tom Hanks’ character talking to the phone therapist about why he loved his wife; Jonah (the little boy) waking up in the middle of the night screaming for his Mom and then saying “I think I’m starting to forget her.”; when Tom and Meg’s characters finally meet and their hands touch and it’s…magic. I never get tired of that movie and it always makes me cry.

2.) Up
Dear God in Heaven is there a sadder movie? That montage of them growing old and not being able to have children? It breaks my freaking heart. The way the old guy is so grumpy because the love of his life is gone? Tragic. But then at the end, I cry because I’m so happy when Russell gets his pin from Mr. Fredrickson and they are sitting on the curb eating ice cream. That’s good stuff.

3.) Steel Magnolias
I thought this was sad before I had children. Now that I have my own? During that scene after the funeral when Sally Field is ranting over losing her daughter and just beside herself with grief, I bawl like a baby. Then in next second, I’m laughing through my tears as Olympia Dukakis says “Here! Hit Weeza!”

4.) Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2
I think it was partly because it was the final movie and partly because I experienced it with Gabe, but I cried during this entire movie. I thought it was just because I was seeing it at the theater, but now that I’ve watched it in the privacy of my own home, I know that it’s the movie. I cry every time. When Snape dies and says “You have your mother’s eyes”, I just can’t take it. If you’ve read the books and been with the series for the last decade, I think it affects you deeply. Or maybe it’s just me. I’m a Harry Potter freak you know.

5.) Stella
My Mom and I saw this movie together when I was a teenager. We were both crying so hard by the end, we were embarrassed to leave and have people see us! The end is the worst…when Bette Midler’s character just wants to see her daughter’s face to know if she’s happy. Be still my heart.

There you have it! Now, if you’re a crier, share with me what movie gets you every single time!

**Taken from MamaKat’s weekly writing prompt: 2.) What is it about that movie that makes you cry every. time?**


21 responses to “Cry Baby

  1. Crying during movies started young for me. Bambi was my first tear-jerker. Since my mom died young any movie with that theme gets to me. Stepmom, also Sleepless in Seattle, there are more I just can’t think of them. I cry at any overly emotional part in a movie. I was tearing up the other night at the end of Glee when the two groups got back together. I even cry at those damn Folgers commercials at the holidays. They get me every time :o) You & I should go to the movies together. We could split a popcorn & a pack of tissues!

  2. Oh, Up was a disaster for me. I went along thinking, nice animated movie, not too demanding and then I was absolutely sucker-punched by that montage! My husband and I went with another 3 or 4 couples and I tell you, *everyone* was crying!

  3. From the moment Forrest Gump marries Jenny until the end of the movie I cry and CRY. When Dale took me to see it in the theatre, I cried in the parking lot and the whole way home. Terms of Endearment…..don’t even get me started. Here’s a weird one….the opening montage of the Lion King when all the animals gather and then bow as daddy Lion lifts up his cub. Tears. Up made me cry, too. And The Champ with little Ricky Schroeder! The death scene! Holy cow, you’d have to have a heart of stone not to cry at that. LOL….I guess I have a few. 🙂

  4. Oh, and it’s me, Julie Eesley. I forgot to sign in. 🙂 Have a good one, Tiff!

  5. Here’s my short list:
    Ice Castles-its the music that gets me…I cry for saddness and happiness at the same time, Love Story-again the music will just take you back and the love between these two…wow, My Girl-can’t imagine putting myself in that girl’s shoes, Rudy-I get so elated that I sob like a baby, Lean on Me-the fact that this is based on a true story-so moving, Beaches-the love between these two friends is just simply amazing, and I could go on and on.

  6. I am a crier too. I bawled at Steel Magnolias. I even cried during The Wedding Singer with Adam Sandler. I can’t help it, I am a romantic at heart.

  7. The Blind Side gets me…its getting me right now just typing about it.
    It gets me because we take a lot of things for granted.
    It gets me because there are people out there who just open up and give with no regrets. They give from their heart and soul.
    It gets me because it shows there is still good people in this world of chaos.
    It gets me because I’m a sucker for a good cry,
    …so pardon me I have to go get my teddy bear…

  8. Up and Harry Potter make me cry, too. Up is a kids movie… it isn’t supposed to be a tear jerker! And I have read Harry Potter countless times. But I cry every time I watch them.

  9. Steel Magnolias gets me every time. Every time. I remember feeling wistful and weepy at Up, but I didn’t actually cry. As another commenter stated, Beaches will do it to me too.

  10. I wrote about Steel Magnolias because it’s the funeral scene that gets to me every single time. And I think, as a mother, I feel it more so even now.

    Sleepless in Seattle is definitely another one…I had totally forgotten how much I cry during that movie. And Beaches…even now I get chills thinking about it.

  11. Up and Steel Magnolias gets me everytime. I would add Beaches to the list too.

  12. Okay, the other night I cried watching The Polar Express. Not sure if it’s just the whole Christmas thing or if I just really need to go to therapy.

  13. Terms of Endearment, and oddly Stepmom, mainly because I have a fabulous stepmom myself, and Forest Gump will turn on the tears too, especially at the end when he find out about his son and asks if ‘he’s like me”… gets me every time.

  14. Up! WORD. Up makes me cry my Mama eyes out EVERY TIME.

  15. I’m not a crier. Not in public, anyway. But get me in a room at home, by myself and a good tear-jerker? I boo-hoo like the best of ’em. Snotty nose and all!

  16. Oh I love movies! The Other Sister makes me cry like a baby!

  17. Toy Story 3 gets me every single time! But, I know what you mean about Steel Magnolias and Up. Those are great movies. You also reminded me about Stella. I haven’t watched that in quite a while. Another good one.

  18. I pretty much cried continuously through the last HP movie too. I just love Snape so much, and I was rooting for him to be good through the whole book series, so it was awesome when his story came out at the end.

  19. OMG, I lost it completely during Up. I have to skip that montage at the beginning when my son wants to watch the movie, otherwise my eyes get all puffy.

  20. 1. La Bomba…. I was pretty young when I saw it, early teens? First movie that made me cry
    2. Mars Needs Mom… when the mom gave the oxygen mask to her son, knowing that she was going to die, (yes, I know it was an animated movie, and animated creatures don’t die)
    3. Schindler’s List… no explanation needed.
    4. Incredibles… when the kids were discovered on the evil island and the bad guys were trying to kill them. But no worries, Violet put up a huge force field was able to deflect their bullets:)
    5. P.S. I Love You. My crying does not reflect the quality of this movie. This movie SUCKED. It was so depressing. Anyone could write this movie given the subject… I hated this movie with a passion, I even hated this movie more for making me cry. You know the expression “gratuitious nudity”? Well, this movie had “gratuitious depression”.

    My husband took the kids to see Up in the movie theater while I stayed at home to watch the little one. When he came home he was all sad and lovey dovey with me b/c of the story line with the wife dying… it was sweet.

  21. Big baby over here when it comes to movies! I cry every single time little Zuzu says “every time a bell rings and angel get’s his wings”! Steel Magnolias has me bawling practically from the start. And, don’t get me started on Toy Story 3!!! Why do I torture myself so with the movies?!?!

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