How Having Boys Ruins Books

Last night we were reading books before bed. We decided on “Toot and Puddle’s I’ll be Home for Christmas” by Holly Hobbie (yes, that’s the author’s name) that Olivia picked out at the school library last week. We’d never read one of these before but apparently they’re popular enough that there’s a TV show.

Gabe starts to read. Pretty soon everyone’s laughing over the thought of someone named “Toot”. You know, because everything around here is potty humor. So Toot equals fart equals funny.

We all start to giggle.

The story then continues as Toot talks about his “lucky nut”. I’m starting to think that Holly Hobbie either has boys and knew this would be hilarious or has never had boys and had no idea this would be such a hilarious book for our family. Anyway, we’re all in hysterics over the lucky nut.

Now take a guess where these characters live? WOODCOCK!! Not just Woodcock, but the “Woodcock Pocket”! Are you kidding me???

Then Toot gets warm by a fire. What’s funnier than a warm Toot? A hot Toot. A wet Toot. A frozen Toot. A wet, hot Toot. A diarrhea Toot! A wet Toot puddle!!! The fun was endless.

Finally Toot gets back to Woodcock Pocket, finds his lucky nut and gets warm. The Townsend family was dying of laughter over this silly book.

See how having boys ruins books???


16 responses to “How Having Boys Ruins Books

  1. I like to think of it as providing alternate versions of the original story… 🙂

  2. Haha! I love this post and Mr. Clean’s comment. : )

    In my case, my HUSBAND ruins these books for me.

  3. This is hilarious! I can just see my boys falling off the bed laughing at this the whole way through….just may be worth the trip to the Library.

  4. In my house, we probably wouldn’t have made it through the book. I’m impressed.

  5. SO love your family’s way of enjoying life! I agree…Holly Hobby may have had some hidden messages going on! 

  6. I needed a laugh today, and you are right, My oldest is 5 and a boy and we are just starting to get into fake burps and other fake noises! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Anyone who writes about Woodcock Pocket has it coming to them. Giggle away! 🙂

  8. hillarious!

  9. I just had to read this post outloud to my husband and we both laughed hysterically. Living with boys does bring potty humour to a whole new level. Thanks for the giggle!

  10. This is hilarious. I see similar reading time scenarios in my future 🙂 Also, I just reserved the first Slaughter book. I have lots of late night reading time myself these days 🙂

  11. I also just read your post outloud to my husband and daughter. I get such a kick out of potty humor. Thanks, Tiffany!

  12. Lol! Thanks for the laugh. If it makes you feel better, my daughter loves the toot humor too.

  13. I am laughing as I read this and imagining you family in fits of giggles. We watch Toot & Puddle almost every morning and I am just waiting for Q to catch on one of these days, until then we will enjoy our books set in Woodcock Pocket before it means something else!:)

  14. How true, how true! It never ceases to amaze me the humor boys can find in almost nothing!

  15. So funny!! Toots crack me up!

  16. Haha, I think my husband would like this book. The man still laughs when I say “duty,” and he’s 33! I’ll tell him to get this book for our son for Christmas, just from him!

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