Baby Olivia II

I am loving having these old videos at my disposal to share with you. I love going back and watching them with the eyes of a new mother, through the eyes of a mother of a child with special needs and through the eyes of a seasoned mother. When you know how hard we’ve worked, how much we’ve expected, it’s amazing to look back and see how far she’s come. I love watching her giggle the same way at 6 months that she does at 10 years; I love seeing those beautiful brown eyes and knowing what is to come.



2 responses to “Baby Olivia II

  1. What a treat it is to see too! Pictures are great. Videos even better! Olivia was a darling baby!!

    And Matt with so much hair…holy cow! (lol)

  2. I love these videos so much. I love even more that I’ve been able to watch her grow 🙂 She is such an amazing being!

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