For mornings drinking coffee and watching Jon Stewart while the kids are still asleep and before our crazy day begins
For nights when we’re not too tired and it’s not too late
For stolen kisses in the midst of packing lunches and heading out the door
For the friendship that makes us laugh and enjoy each other’s company
For the love that seems to know no boundaries and just keeps growing stronger

Thank you

For your deep belly laughs and constant smiles
For your accomplishments that make me feel so proud
For your ability to teach everyone around you how to be better
For your beautiful milk chocolate eyes that show your soul
For your constant, unwavering love and extreme joy you give me

Thank you

For your dimples that I could eat ice cream out of
For your kindness and thoughtfulness that knows no end
For your inquisitiveness and intelligence
For your quiet and understated charm
For your growing friendship and your constant love

Thank you

For your energy and your fervor for each and every day
For your constant smiles and laughter
For your unending happiness and humor
For your kissable cheeks and big bear hugs
For your overwhelming love

Thank you

For my Mom, my sister, my extended family
For my home, my health, my life
For my readers, blogging friends and friends in real life
For little things like flavored coffee creamer and big things like a wonderful existence

Thank you


5 responses to “Gratitude

  1. Flavored coffe creamer, AMEN! Hurray for it! Tiffany, this poem is very inspiring.

  2. That was absolutely beautiful. I’m so glad you’re surrounded by such awesomeness.

  3. You are truly blessed!

    And I am so with you on the Jon Stewart and flavored creamer — two highly under recognized beauties of the world! And I am a big fan of chocolate eyes, too. Especially since the love of my life has them and gave them to my most precious kids!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

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