Their Bond

The kids went to the dentist last week. This dentist’s office is amazing with all of the kids but especially Olivia. They have video games and a playground in the waiting room. Prizes are awarded after every visit for no cavities and good brushing. Last week was a particularly long visit. Gabe had a sealant fixed, Matthew had sealants put on and Olivia had to have a tooth pulled and x-rays taken. All of this on top of the regular cleaning. Olivia did such a great job; she was a total trooper about the whole thing. We are never able to get x-rays on Olivia but this time it worked because the laughing gas (for the pulling) made her drowsy and so she held still. The hygenists often get attached to Olivia and are really sweet and protective of her by the end of the visit. It’s really something to see, actually, because at first you can tell they’re a little apprehensive and then by the end of the visit, they’re hooked.

For the past 10 years we’ve been going here, Olivia always picks a slinky as her prize. Always. This time there were no slinky prizes.

Uh oh.

The hygenist was so sweet in trying to get her to be interested in any other prize. Olivia kept saying, “No thank you. I’d like a slinky.” Over and over and over. The poor hygenist felt awful. She seriously searched for 10 minutes through all of their cabinets trying to find one silly little plastic slinky for Olivia. Finally, when she knew there weren’t any in the whole office, she offered Olivia an entire pack of Crayola Pipsqueak markers. Olivia replied, “No thank you. I’d like a slinky. I’ll have a slinky please.” The hygenist really looked like she was going to cry! I just looked at her and said “Welcome to my life!” She laughed and gave Olivia a hug and we left.

The boys, of course, were overjoyed at the new pack of markers. They laughed and laughed over Olivia wanting the slinky especially when there was a brand-new large pack of markers offered. She kept talking about the slinky all night. We put her tooth under her pillow for the tooth fairy and went to bed. The next day, Gabe comes home from school all excited. He runs upstairs and locks himself in his room for a while. He comes down about 10 minutes later with a present. It’s wrapped and he’s made a little card. It’s for Olivia.

He hands her the present and she lights up. What could it be? She opens it and inside is a…slinky. I look at Gabe with teary eyes and ask him where on earth he got a slinky that day. He won it at school. His teacher gives out prizes once a week for good grades and good behavior. There happened to be a slinky in there and, instead of choosing something he wanted, he chose the slinky for his sister. Olivia was over the moon. I was one proud mommy.

My Gabe. He’s so special. And the bond between the two of them? Unreal.


20 responses to “Their Bond

  1. Love starting the day with tears in my eyes…well…not always, but for stories like THIS…I’ll start everyday with a tear from a warmed heart!

    GO GABE!!!

  2. I have some good tears too! Love stories like that. What a sweet boy :o)

  3. Add me to the list of “good tears”.
    What an amazing young man!!

  4. I know you don’t know me but I bounce to your blog from a friend’s. I absolutely love this story. Your kids are amazing and proof of what a great mom you are. You obviously are so proud and you should be. Hugs to you!

  5. Oh my goodness, the sweetness in this post is overwhelming. Gabe is truly a special boy. You are raising one heck of a bunch of kids there.

  6. what an amazing boy! you are truly blessed with your kids….they are going to change people’s hearts in so many ways throughout their lives (heck…they already HAVE!).

  7. You have every right to be proud. That sort of selfless behavior is LEARNED. It is a result of good parenting.

    The more I read about your family the more I admire you and Matt and your beautiful children.

    I know you hear this all the time, but you really should write a book. And somewhere in the title or subtitle should be the words “Life Lessons”, because that’s what you’re giving us with every post.

  8. LOVE this! What a story for this time of year! We can learn so much from kids- self-lessness, giving and loving hearts…Everyone is right too- you and Matt are doing things right!

  9. Oh, that is so sweet! What a great big brother. They do have their shining moments, don’t they?

  10. Ok, I am all teary now. Thank you for sharing this sweet story. Way to go Gabe!! (and mom.)

  11. you’ve seriously got to stop making me cry…

  12. I read this at work this morning and shed several tears. Gabe is so incredibly amazing.
    Oh, and the dentist?? That’s where we go too and I LOVE them! They get kids and that’s what makes them fantastic 🙂

  13. This is wonderful. It is truly amazing how our little ladies have helped to make their brothers into such sensitive caring souls.

  14. Oh my goodness, Tiffany, what a sweet little man Gabe is becoming!

  15. Made me cry!! So so sweet! Thank God for great brothers!!!!

  16. What a direct reflection of what amazing people and parents you and your husband are. Love this story.

  17. Do you have the most awesome kids in the whole world or what? How do you raise such kids?

  18. What a champ! Honestly, that is an amazing little boy. xoxo

  19. Brought tears to my eyes. Children have such inner goodness, don’t they?

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