My 7 Wonders

MamaKat asked us to describe our life’s 7 wonders. Without further adieu, here are the 7 most amazing things I’ve ever seen:

Wonder #1:

My children, of course. I feel like they are truly angels on loan to me. Sometimes we are driving in the car, singing or laughing or talking about our day, and I just can’t believe they’re mine.

Wonder #2:

My husband’s chocolate-brown eyes. I look at him and I look in those beautiful eyes and I know everything’s fine.

Wonder #3:

My Mom’s smile. She has the best smile and when you see it, you know it’s real. I love when my Mom is happy.

Wonder #4:

Gabe’s after school hugs. When Olivia gets off the bus, Gabe scoops her up and gives her a huge bear hug and swings her around. This thrills me every day.

Wonder #5:

My body. Don’t laugh!! Not because I think it looks so good but sometimes, when I look at it and think all it’s been through and the 3 children it has produced, I think it is amazing.

Wonder #6:

Olivia doing anything. Seriously. One of the best aspects of being her mother is that everything she does is amazing and provides me with so much joy.

Wonder #7:

Olivia at Disney World. It is like all of her dreams coming to life and she is so excited and so overcome with joy and emotion. It’s really something to see.

From MamaKat’s Writer’s Workshop:
List your life’s Seven Wonders. Describe the most amazing 7 things you’ve seen with your own two eyes.


6 responses to “My 7 Wonders

  1. A mom’s smile is such goodness. Hugs from my daughter and holding hands with my husband tops my list.

  2. Sounds like a wonderful life!
    BTW, My husband has chocolate brown eyes and my kids carry them. I think they are the most beautiful eyes in the world!


  3. What a wonderful list! Wow, I teared up a couple of times. I love Mama smiles too, and the thought of your son hugging Olivia and spinning her around just gets me!

    I know what you mean about the wonder of your body producing your children. AND, I know what it’s like to be amazed that these kids are actually mine…How did I get so lucky?

  4. I’m gonna have to do this one this week. I love the idea! Your wonders are beautiful 🙂

  5. That is an awesome list.

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