What happened?

How did my sweet little boys go from these…

To these?

I miss the days of adorable Halloween costumes. Thank goodness Olivia still likes sweet costumes instead of scary!


9 responses to “What happened?

  1. Too cute! Who was the bald man holding the baby? Kinda creepy! I had a zombie in my house too :o)

  2. CrystalBurnworth

    You took them to a haunted forest, they are just gearing up to take on the chainsaw!

  3. lol…out with the adorable and in with the scary! Too funny.

  4. I couldn’t help it… your little demons made me laugh. Those costumes are awesome!

  5. Terrifying, but it was bound to happen.

  6. Haha — Just wait until they start driving!!

  7. Since Halloween was postponed in our town until this coming Saturday, I’m still gobbling up these pictures. I love the boys’ costumes! Face paint is daring…bravo, Mama!

  8. We haven’t gotten into scary yet but the boys are already planning for next year… I think we’re crossing over soon!

    When did your boys get so grown up??? Has it been that long since we saw you?!?! Miss ya lady!

  9. I love the progression here. It’s a cliche, but I think so appropriate. Time goes by so fast.

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