The little 7-year-old girl was so excited because today her Mom was letting her ride the bus home and then walk to her piano lesson instead of going to daycare. All by herself! They lived out in the country so it was a good hike to her piano lesson but she could do it. She was a big girl now.

The bus dropped her off and she started walking. She had made this walk hundreds of times as her piano teacher was the Mom of her best friend. She loved going to their house. No noises came from the yard or inside; this was weird. After knocking on the door, she just heard silence. They weren’t home.

Her heart dropped to her stomach. Why weren’t they home? What should she do now? She waited on their porch for a little bit to see if they came home; when they didn’t arrive, she decided she felt weird and walked home. What time was it? She wished she had a watch so she could figure out how long until Mommy would be home.

She decided she should just sit on the front porch of her house. It was all locked up and she didn’t have a key. It wouldn’t be long until Mommy got home. She opened her backpack and took out her homework. That took all of 10 minutes. Now what should she do? She ran around the yard for a little while, played peek-a-boo with her cat in the window and looked at a book. How much longer until Mommy came home? Maybe she would see her piano teacher’s car drive by soon and she could go have her lesson.

All of a sudden she heard a car coming down the long, gravel road. When you lived out in the middle of nowhere, it was so quiet you could pick up on these noises pretty quickly. It was Mommy or her teacher she just knew it. Thank goodness! She was so hungry and thirsty and bored.

That wasn’t a car she recognized.

That was weird. Other cars hardly ever come down their road. It didn’t go anywhere else really. Oh well. It’s probably someone visiting a friend or they were lost. She just waits quietly on the porch and watches. Pretty soon the car comes back. She knew it. They were lost.

Another car is coming down the gravel road. It has to be Mommy this time! But it’s not. It’s that same strange car again. This time it’s going really slow. She sees a blond, teenage boy in the driver’s seat smiling at her. A funny feeling creeps into her stomach. This never happens on their road. She really wishes her Mommy would come home.
She runs to the backyard. Why didn’t she think of that before? Go to the backyard! It’s safer back there. No one can see you back there!

She packs up her backpack and starts to walk to the backyard when the car drives by again. The boy is driving really slow and has a big, toothy, creepy smile on his face. She keeps walking to the back but is startled when the boy pulls into the driveway. He is not supposed to do that! She’s all alone! She racks her brain for what she should do. She remembers hearing that you should go to a neighbor’s house and pretend like their home so the stranger will go away. She runs as fast as her little 7-year=old legs can take her to the neighbor’s house. She pounds on the door. Please be home, please be home! All of a sudden she hears tires spinning really fast on the gravel. She looks and the car is driving away in a cloud of dust.

It worked. Her neighbors aren’t even home but it worked. Her heart is pounding, she’s sweating and she feels like crying. She heads to the backyard and makes herself as small and quiet as possible and waits until her Mommy gets home.

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Write about something that scared the Hell out of you when you were a child. (inspired by Mama Sick)


9 responses to “Scary

  1. This actually happened to your?! That is really scary.

  2. I would have been scared, too. Heck, if that happened to me now, I would be scared. I don’t trust anyone.

  3. Quite a tale. So glad there was a happy ending.

  4. I have had a similar experience. I used to live in a trailer park and one time my grandparents weren’t home when I got off of the bus.

    I went to the quietest part of their yard so no-one would bother me. Luckily no creeps showed up. But, it was hard to hide myself in such a busy neighborhood.

  5. Oh my goodness, MY heart is pounding, and I’M sweating just reading this post! I was so relieved when the car drove away!

  6. Why are there creepy people in our world? I seriously cannot think of anything like this that happened to me.

  7. Ugh that made me feel sick, but I am so glad that your 7 -year- old self had the tools to keep you safe. It gives me hope for our own children, that we can teach them how to protect themselves too.

  8. That sounds terrifying. I was so easily scared as a child. I look back at all of the irrational fears I had, and think to myself…”That little girl could’ve used a drink. Or a Xanax.”

  9. I was holding my breath for you! You took me back to when I got locked in the church when I was about that same age. Churches are creepy places when you are all alone! Your story was so much more terrifying. Glad you were safe and sound!!

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