Captain Olivia

Look at the message I received from Olivia’s P.E. teacher:

Something great happened in PE. I often choose team captains for different activities. Well, Olivia said “I want to be captain”. I was very happy to see she had the interest and passion to speak up for herself. She was eventually a captain last year, but this year she was one of the first. Early last year, since I was new, she wasn’t yet comfortable with me. Now, Olivia says hello to me in the halls, jokes with me, and feels comfortable to participate and share her feelings. I enjoy her as a student and her silly personality.

How great is that? I got teary-eyed, of course, and filled with joy. The fact that her teacher shared that with me was so touching. Not to mention, my little soft-spoken girl is speaking up for herself! When she got home from school, I asked her about it and she was so happy. I said “What do you do when your captain?” She said “RUN!”

I love my girl.


12 responses to “Captain Olivia

  1. Too cute. I love when people take the extra time to share those thoughts. What a great teacher. It only takes a second to make someone’s day!

  2. Amazing! How great the teacher took the time to let you know of her accomplishments:)

  3. Good going Olivia! It was great that her teacher let you know how much he enjoys Olivia and how much she has opened up in class.

  4. That is awesome! I love it! What a wonderful teacher & so fantastic that Olivia is doing so well!

  5. That’s AWESOME! LOVE Ms. W, she’s so encouraging πŸ™‚ Sylvan is the best!

  6. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ !!!!!!

  7. She’s kinda hard not to love.

  8. Go, Captain Olivia! How wonderful that the teacher took the time to share … and that your sweet girl is blossoming so much!

  9. Ok, even I never made Captain! I’m pretty sure I was always chosen last… So, WAY TO GO OLIVIA!!!!!!!!! She is amazing. And how cool of her to stand up and basically demand that she get a turn. So many reasons I love her!

  10. High five Captain Olivia! Love the goodness in this post.

  11. This made me bleary eyed too!! Love her spirit!

  12. Way to go, Captain O!

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