Things I’ve Never Done

**A writing prompt from the always amazing Mama’s Losin’ It!**

I’m not adventurous. I’m very rarely spontaneous. I try to let loose once in a while but usually I just end up with a hangover. Here’s a list of 22 things I’ve never done…maybe I will try some of them soon and some I hope to never, ever, ever try!

1.) Gone out to dinner by myself

2.) Met a really famous celebrity; I did see the Oprah show but didn’t meet her or the guests!

3.) Traveled overseas

4.) Had a one-night stand

5.) Broken a bone (please no!)

6.) Traveled to New York City

7.) Watched classic movies like Casablanca and Annie Hall

8.) Drugs of any kind

9.) Gone skydiving

10.) Shaved my head

11.) Kissed a girl

12.) Had more than 25 comments on my blog

13.) Watched Real Housewives of NYC or Atlanta or New Jersey

14.) Spent more than $60 on a purse

15.) Worn false eyelashes

16.) Given myself a shot

17.) Been on the radio

18.) Played lacrosse or field hockey

19.) Bought someone a drink in a bar

20.) Sang a song in public

21.) Given $1 to a transvestite singer/performer…oh wait, yes I did!! 🙂

22.) Let my kids sleep in my bed with Matt and I

23.) Read Pride and Prejudice

What’s on your list???


24 responses to “Things I’ve Never Done

  1. Well….I’ve done 6 of those things, though I’ll never tell which ones LOL!!!

  2. i have done 14 of those things…. just not telling you which ones. 😉

  3. I have done a few of those things myself. There are a few on there I recommend you don’t do ;o) Can’t believe you haven’t watched the Real Housewives. Or is it just those 3? They are kinda like crack, so you could knock two things off of your list. Ha Ha!

  4. i’ve done 13 of ’em 😉 i used to work for a radio station and i was the dj on sundays. i played alot of sports in high school so i have broken many fingers and once i broke my lower eye socket when i took an elbow to the face during a volleyball game. i don’t recommend that one! and i’ve only sung in public once….karaoke. it was “house of the rising sun” and that’s ALL i remember from that experience. that’s probably why i don’t drink anymore 😉

  5. You’ve kept the bed sacred? Oh, I’m impressed.

  6. You should read Pride and Prejudice…you would love it! I think we have similar reading tastes, and it is one of my favorite books. Once you really get into it, it’s hard to put it down! Go for it!

  7. I’ve done more of your list than I’d like to admit! I think most everybody chose this same prompt. I did too!

  8. Fun!! I’ve only done a couple of these things myself – am actually on the radio right now, in the FOP’s ad to VOTE NO on issue 2 (kind of happy about that!). And, I’d LOVE an excuse to wear false eyelashes. Let’s try to hold each other to that one 🙂

  9. Great list!!! Don’t you love Mama Kat? While I haven’t met Oprah, I *have* been to Harpo studios, literally last week! I met Rosie and got to be ON the show, not just a guest. 🙂 I’ll be back on next month too. Maybe THEN I can meet her!!! I’m blogging about it, so hop on over. 🙂

  10. I’ve done half of your list! I have to say I sort of love the Housewives… I know its awful, but I do.

  11. Maybe you can add got more than 25 comments on your blog after this post? Here’s hoping!

  12. Great list! (I’ve done 6 of the things on your list, but like Kacey & Laurie, I’m not telling!)

    Hope you get more than 25 comments on this post today! 🙂

  13. Here’s hoping you get more than 25 comments and false eyelashes aren’t that bad, especially the extensions, I’m just not into that much maintenance.

  14. I could certainly help you out with 7, 11, 19 lol but you’d have to clear it with the boss lol

  15. Pride and Prejudice is one of my all time favorite books. Give it a try (although like Gibby says you have to get into it; it’s not an automatic bam! this is great. But once you get there…wow). I’ve done a few other things from your list, but my question is which is one you would do first if given the chance?

  16. Pride and Prejudice – a must read. And no kids in your bed? Impressive. Impressive indeed.

  17. I think we need to hear the story about number 21!!
    What a great prompt. I think I may have to do one of these!

  18. #13: Hold out! Avert your eyes a while longer! Sooner or later all shows must end, right? 😉

  19. Not sure what it says about me that there are only 9 items on your list that I HAVEN’T done… And, while I don’t believe in regret, I will say I hope not to REPEAT several… But still, something tells me that we should not play that ‘I never’ drinking game. It would apparently be me that ends up with the hangover…

  20. Thanks Elastamom for the share

  21. Ohh I use to play Lacrosse. It is the best sport ever!!! I will totally teach you it is so so so so much fun!

    I liked reading your list, and I like that you added “some I hope I never ever do” hahahahaha. I have no idea what my list is but I liked reading this. Maybe I too will use it as inspiration for a post of mine…

  22. I bet you get to cross off number 12 today! HAPPY SITS DAY!

    Going overseas is my favourite thing in the world. You should definately try it one day 🙂

  23. 3…definitely worth a try. 4. Don’t do it! 6….DO IT! 14. Not always worth it. 23…simple enough to try!

    Great list!

  24. I’ll let you do # 19 tonight to me… BUT NOT #11… and we can certainly find a place for you to knock out #20 but that may involve you having to do #8 and we certainly don’t want that.
    I think I will have to do my list. hmmmmm

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