Olivia Goes Solo

Two weeks ago, one of Olivia’s best friends had brain surgery. Yes, you read that right, brain surgery. K is fine, thank God. But she’s not able to go back to school for at least 6 weeks. K misses all of the girls terribly and really wants to go back to school, but she’s just not able yet. Last Sunday, my friend Robin decided to have a party for K so she could hang out with her friends and invited Olivia. It was last-minute so I already had two soccer games to go to so I wasn’t able to go to the party. Because Robin is awesome, she said I could just drop Olivia off.

Me: But I’ll be at soccer from 2 until 4:30!

Robin: So? Trust me! Just leave her!

Me: Are you sure? You have to promise to call me if she melts down, causes trouble, or she’s just too much to handle, ok? You promise? Are you sure? Are you sure? Are you sure?

Robin: Yes! Drop her off. Go. She’ll be fine.

And she was. She went to the party all by herself for 4 hours and was totally fine. Robin reported that she was able to understand everything Olivia said and knew what she needed. She sat and watched the movie with the girls, ate snacks and behaved. I couldn’t believe it!!! I’ve never left her at a party before and certainly not for that long! I was so thrilled that not only was Robin comfortable enough to let me do this, but Olivia was such a big girl! That is huge for us. Huge. I was so proud of Olivia and so touched by Robin’s kindness. My little girl sure is growing up!


8 responses to “Olivia Goes Solo

  1. Love, love, love this!!!!! These sorts of experiences are as wonderful for us as they are for our children. Yay for Olivia!!! Tiffany…you and Matt are SO doing something right! What a beautiful girl with a full, rich life!

  2. Okay, I know I already threatened to not read anymore because I keep crying, but now I totally mean it…
    Olivia is amazing…

  3. How amazing! Olivia is so inspiring 🙂 I love how she is blossoming and you are giving her the freedom to be herself.

  4. Love that she was a great friend to K. I am certain she picked up this good trait from her Mom and Dad :)!

  5. I’m doing a little happy dance for Olivia and you. This is huge! So many wonderful opportunities are opening up, I’m so excited for both of you.

  6. She’s amazing and it’s all because you and Matt have allowed her to do so much to grow. May I add that she is sooo darn funny!! And it’s funny that she knows she’s so darn funny!!! Kudos to you guys as wonderful parents.

  7. That is awesome and totally makes me smile! I love to see what nine years in the future can look like for us! Thank you!

  8. Simply awesome.
    Bask in that. You know she is.

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