Random Just Write

Heather at The EO (who I’ve recently discovered and I think is awesome!) says Just Write. I feel like I’ve lost my mojo lately so that’s what I’m going to do today. Just write.

I am so tired lately. Not just sleepy tired. Tired to my core. I’m hoping after October things settle down a bit. Matt’s job has been so stressful and I’ve been taking up the slack and it’s starting to get to me. I just need a break. Big time. Keeping up with three kids in school is kicking my ass too. All of their homework and activities! There is a lot of parent homework in Kindergarten…I’m about fed up with that. I accidentally threw away Gabe’s spelling homework the other day because there are so many papers that come home each day I get a little “throw away” happy. Luckily, we managed to dig it out and make a copy so the coffee stains didn’t show up.

All of the kids are doing so well in school and that makes me so happy. I thought for sure Matthew would get in trouble in Kindergarten. Not for being “bad” but for talking too much or not doing what he was supposed to do or saying “oh my nuts!” or something like that. He hasn’t had one single issue! We are so proud. He’s a bit of a goofball so I’m surprised he’s been able to keep it in check. He loves school. Just loves it. I think when your child is starting out, especially if you loved school, you just never know what they’re going to think about it. I’m so glad he loves it. Olivia’s having a great year. There have been a lot of changes and disruptions and she’s just sailing along fine. I just ooze with pride for this girl. Gabe continues to love school and do just fine. He LOVES his teacher this year and I’m so glad for that.

Did any of you see the Lifetime movie “Five”? I thought it was so well-done and so powerful. I’m always leery of Lifetime movies (and hardly ever watch them) but this one was good. It’s on again Saturday if you missed it. There are so many movies out at the theater I want to see right now too. I love scary movies so I want to see all of those! I don’t really like Brad Pitt but I really want to see that Moneyball movie. I love Ryan Gosling so I want to see Ides of March even though I don’t know that I’ll ever forgive him for Drive. That was an awful movie.

Another super busy, me-as-a-taxi-driver-single-Mom weekend coming up. I’m trying to mentally prepare myself so I can relax and enjoy it too. Isn’t it so hard to focus on the positive and the good when you feel weighed down by the pesky and mundane tasks of every day life? I think so. My best friend and her family are coming over for dinner on Sunday, so I’m trying just to focus on that.


3 responses to “Random Just Write

  1. You’re doing such an amazing job of taking care of everyone else but maybe you need to take a day, or hey, even a weekend, and take care of you. Is there any break in the near future when Matt’s work won’t be so hectic that he can take over parenting duties and let you sleep, or shop or yes, exercise (I do read what you write every day)? Even one day of taking care of your needs instead of everyone elses can give me such an energy boost. I hope you can pencil that in for yourself soon.

  2. You do a great job juggling. You are a wonderful mom and an amazing person. Keep up the good work while you have to but have an awesome Tiffany day when you can. Maybe I need to plan a National Tiffany T Day!!

  3. Had to giggle at “oh my nuts”. I know EXACTLY what you mean…

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