I love to watch her up there on that giant, gentle animal.

Even though it scares me to death to see her do it.

It’s like when she swims; she’s free.

She has so much confidence up there. More than I would have.

She loves it. Giggles abound.

When she lets go of the reins to flap with excitement, it freaks me out.

The balance, the coordination, the mind skills it takes to do all of this amazes me.

I’m so glad my Mom started this for her and takes her every week.

She shines up there.

Ride, Olivia, ride.


10 responses to “Ride

  1. Oh, that’s so great of your Mom to do that! Olivia does look FANTASTIC on a horse!! What fun!!!

  2. I love the confidence she exudes up there on that horse. i love that your mom does this for her (and for you.) I love that she gets to be free and show off her skills, her strength, her spirit.

  3. my best friend (the one i emailed you about a few weeks ago) wants to start a hippotherapy practice one day when she gets moved back home where they’ll have alot of farmland. we were just talking about it the other day. there aren’t any facilities like that near us and she is really excited about the prospect of it. olivia’s face is just lit up in the pictures…you can just see how much she loves riding that horse 🙂

  4. I used to volunteer at a local therapeutic riding center. I loved it. My mom was an instructor there. It’s amazing what those kids can do. Now, my mom is starting a riding center near us and I’m going to be on the board. :o) Sometime you and Olivia will have to drive South on 75 to check it out.

  5. That is such a natural place for her to be! She looks so incredibly graceful. I’m with you – it’s something I could never do! You go Olivia! And the crowd goes wild 😉

  6. One of my best friends loves riding horses. She says they sense what you are feeling. What a wonderful way for Olivia to learn about horses and herself.

  7. Ohh she is so lucky. I love these pictures. How sweet of a Grandpa is your mom for doing this for O!!! I am jealous… I love horses so much and I wish I could do what she is doing! You took such wonderful pictures! Do a video next time will you?

  8. You go, Olivia! And what a great way for Olivia and her gma to have a special time together!!

  9. Horses just make everything better, I think. It’s something about their sweet, wise eyes and their gentle strength. What a treat for Olivia to experience such a connection!

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