Her First Dance

There are so many benefits to having Olivia and Gabe be so close in age. If you would have asked me 10 years ago when those 2 lines appeared on the pregnancy test for Gabe, I would have called you crazy. But it’s true. Not only are Gabe and Olivia very close but they also share friends. This was one of my biggest worries initially. Would Gabe feel like he wasn’t his own person because she was always there? Would he feel comfortable having friends over? Would his friends be uncomfortable? So many questions and concerns filled my head back then. Now I know that I worried for naught. It’s wonderful that they share friends. Gabe’s friends are over all the time and not only feel comfortable, they feel like part of the family. They love Olivia like a sister and take care of her just like Gabe does. It warms a Mom’s heart, I tell you. These boys are so special and wonderful there just aren’t enough words to describe how much I love them. When a 9-year-old boy will calmly come inside and tell you “Olivia’s naked on the trampoline.” you know they are something special! (Yes, it happens. She likes to be free and hasn’t quite grasped the concept of private parts yet.)

I have story after story that I could share with you about these boys aside from the naked trampoline jumping. I could share how they let her kiss and hug them. I could share how they try to include her games they are playing. I could tell you how they come up to her at soccer games, give her high fives and make sure to say hello. Last, but not least, I could show you these pictures. Right in the middle of the entire 4th grade participating in the walk-a-thon at their school, one of Gabe’s friends danced with Olivia. He didn’t care who was watching or what anyone would think; he just grabbed her hands and danced. That is why I will always, always love these boys.


18 responses to “Her First Dance

  1. OK that made me tear up. So sweet!

  2. Oh, that got me, right on that tender spot in my heart and now i feel so fuzzy warm and good. That’s really sweet

  3. you guys live in such an awesome community….olivia is blessed with both her family and her friends. and i know you and them are all blessed by her! i love reading your posts…it gives me hope in our future 🙂

  4. The parents of these boys should be very proud of fine young men they are raising. Kudos to all of them.

  5. OK…tears are flowing…not a bad way to start a Wednesday…

  6. Thank you for my morning cry. Beautiful.

  7. How awesome! And I must say that I laughed really hard at ‘Olivia’s naked on the trampoline…’ So amazing that they take it in stride 🙂

  8. I am crying happy tears, my friend. Happy tears.

    Olivia and Gabe (and you, too!) are blessed to have such beautiful souls in your life.

  9. I love this story. It warms my heart so much!

  10. I loved reading this. Then I read the title and it made tears come to me. And look at that precious little face of her’s. She had a blast! I think this picture also really captures that she’s just one of the kids, doesn’t look like she’s any different from the other kids or treated any differently.

  11. okay lady, I’m officially done reading your blog!
    you keep making me cry!
    put up a disclaimer…

  12. GREAT pictures! Great boys…

  13. Now I love those boys too!!! That is so great!

  14. Wow, those are some fabulous friends! Your son is clearly very blessed.

  15. Oh, my heart. So, so sweet.

  16. That is so wonderfly awesome!

  17. I love, love, love this post. The pictures made me smile and perhaps a tear or two fell in happiness.

  18. I echo what everyone has said. So lovely. That last pic made me smile.

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