One Little Candle

Imagine my surprise when I opened my inbox and had a message from my friend, Gibby. Oh how I miss Gibby and her blog. It always makes my day to get an email from a friend. It just kept getting better as I read through her email.

She was out shopping and was a local boutique (I imagine with a pumpkin spice latte in hand). She saw these wickless candles and decided to check them out. Basically, it’s a candle that doesn’t need to burn. Thinking this was unique and kind of cool, she investigated further. This is what she saw next:

Can you believe it? What a small world it is sometimes. It just amazes me. Of course she bought a couple and then made sure to share it with me. Her email, this candle and the fact that my world is so small and loving made my day and made me so very happy.

Thanks, Gibby.


13 responses to “One Little Candle

  1. Is there any way to get a link to purchase these? Christmas is a mere 12 weeks away (!!!!!) and I’d love to give a few as gifts. And supporting a child with CdC? What a great thing!!! You’re right! It IS a small world!

  2. This is seriously so cool. I love Beth’s idea of buying these for family and friends as Christmas gifts.

  3. First…how did you know I was drinking a pumpkin spice latte while browsing around, and

    Second…this was a small boutique in Illinois, they don’t have a lot of their products online, but here is their web site. If you call or email, maybe they will ship the candles.


  4. Oops, the link didn’t post, here it is…

  5. I got goosebumps just reading this. So beautiful! I’m heading online to check it out. Please let us know if these candles can be found anywhere else. I love to support the beauty of children whenever I can!

  6. Thanks, Gibby!!!!! Heading there now… 🙂

  7. amazing…..i’d never heard of cri du chat before finding your site so i know that it would floor me if i’d have come across that.

  8. How special!

  9. It it such a small and wonderful world, really. Isn’t it something how things like this happen? How people “bump” into each other or things like this…. Coincidence I ask????

  10. Those candles sound really cool. I also loved Gibby’s blog and miss it. Very cool that she noticed them and messaged you about them. I personally am struck by the name of the little girl….my daughter’s name is Finley and I don’t hear it that often 🙂

  11. A very lovely gesture. And it also shows how a piece of us lingers in corners that we don’t know existed.

  12. I miss Gibby too!
    And notes like that help through the days.

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