I Cried Over a Stroller

Would you think I was crazy if I told you I cried over a stroller?

It’s ok. I did.

For the last year, my Olivia has been way too big for our BOB double stroller. She sat patiently through many a soccer game with her knees at her chin and never complained once. But I knew it was time. Time to let the BOB go. I was just waiting for Matthew to learn to ride his bike. We’re a long walk kind of a family and you can’t go for a long walk without either a stroller or a bike. So I waited. When Matthew learned to ride his bike this summer, I knew it was time.

Short break for a complaint: Did you know that “special needs equipment” businesses make you take it up the ass? You didn’t know that? Well they do. Anything labeled “special needs” is mucho expensive. Ridiculously so. Just go google “special needs stroller/wheelchair” and then pass out from the prices. I did.

I began researching strollers for Olivia. There weren’t many that fit the bill like my good old BOB did. If you have a BOB yourself, then you know what I’m talking about. They are the perfect stroller. Worth every penny. I loved my bright orange BOB. It went everywhere with us. It was, it turns out, hard to find a replacement. This new stroller had to be able to handle different terrains, a pre-teen who is still growing, had to have a “hood” for when she needs to escape, good straps for her to play with and needed swivel wheels in the front. Oh and less than $1000. (See, you didn’t know this stuff was so expensive, did you?)

I found one. One stroller that fit that bill. Even though it only came in blue (bo-ring!), I bought it. After a week of waiting, it finally came. Olivia was so excited. I set it up and she quickly came right down and had a seat. She declared it more than satisfactory and was very excited to give it a whirl. I declared it easy to push, easy to collapse and it fit in my trunk. The best part is Olivia has plenty of leg room and extra room to grow. Success!

It was then time to put good-old-BOB out to pasture on Craig’s list. A new double-BOB will cost you $800 so I figured he would go quickly. He made it one day. They snatched that thing up faster than a kid in a candy store. When they came to get it, and I saw them putting it in their trunk, I cried. They didn’t see me. But I did. Because I was sad to see BOB go.

Am I crazy or what?

I guess it’s because he went everywhere with us. We got him when Matthew was born. He represented me having babies and little ones and *newsflash*, I don’t have babies or little ones anymore. While I’m so glad that they’re growing and thriving and that I get to experience all of this with them, I was a little sad that part of my life was over. No more double stroller. I’ve had a double for 10 years now. I was back to a single. Olivia’s new ride looks like an adult stroller too; no more baby stuff here.

It was my very last (besides the freaking diapers that I swear I’m never going to be done with) baby item. Gone. It’s weird. Very strange. But Olivia declares her new ride is “soooo comfy Mom!” that I am happy she’s moved on. But a little freaked out by the fact that I am the mother of big kids now.



14 responses to “I Cried Over a Stroller

  1. I’m so glad you found Olivia a stroller. And, she liked it!! I totally understand the crying. I think. My two just took their first ride in their double stroller two nights ago. And, my toddler spent all day yesterday climbing in and out of it. She LOVES it!!

  2. I still have one of those little tikes plastic cars in my garage. Tessa is 6 and has no interest. Why am I keeping it? B/C I am not ready to admit that part of my life is over. I have given away, sold or donated just about everything else. I will probably cry over a little tikes car soon! :o)

  3. Oh, I totally get where you’re coming from. I have a ton of baby stuff cluttering up my basement. I just can’t bear to part with most of it. The hardest part is the girl baby clothes. Those clothes are so full of memories for me, I just can’t let go of them. I look at certain outfits and I remember Kaia wearing it and remember exactly how I was feeling at the moment she wore it (most of them were sad moments) or where we were going/what we were doing while wearing something. Pathetic. It’s just clothes. I need to get over this craziness because my basement is becoming so over crowded with “stuff” that it’s getting close to being “hoarder-ish”.

  4. bahhahahahahahah I LOVE THAT!!! I would actually cry too! So no you are not crazy! Or we are at least crazy together ahhahaha! I am glad you found something that works!! That is always a good feeling huh?

  5. it’s kind of like the last Toy Story. Yep, I think we all cry at seeing them grow up and getting rid of the stuff that brought so many good memories! My husband would cry at the $ of the new stoller!!!

  6. I am always surprised by how attached I can get to things. Some things really signify important moments in our lives and I think that stroller does that for you. Here’s to more happy memories in Olivia’s new, comfy stroller. Oh and thank you for the suggestion of swimming. I did manage to get over my swimsuit aversion this summer and wore one countless times to the local pool. And I do love swimming. Brilliant idea. 🙂

  7. I’m appalled every time I help a family order something for their child. The costs are insane! There’s no reason a stroller should cost that much! I’m so glad you found one that fit your needs (and Olivia’s!) and didn’t totally break the bank.
    As for babies growing up??? I’m choosing to be in total denial over here! I cried when I set up homework desks in their rooms. My babies can’t possibly be big enough for homework desks!

  8. I don’t think you are crazy and I wish I could have bought your Bob. I so need a double stroller, but I can’t afford even a used Bob. I’m glad Olivia likes her new stroller.

  9. I wish I would have known you were selling the stroller, friend of mine just had twins and she is looking for a double jogging stroller. Bummer!

  10. Yes, I will cry will my BOB leaves which won’t be for many years. I love it and it was worth every penny and I would buy a single BOB because I am just pushing Spencer for the most part but I don’t think Mark would go for it right this second. It is sooooo good I will push a double for 1 kid. I have pushed a cheap jogger and it was horrible, like pushing a tank. The BOB is worth it! I was going to say I have seen some older kids who need a large stroller in Mountain Buggy and Baby Jogger around my town that look really nice. The strollers are made for older kids and teens. I am glad you found something that works for you and Olivia.

  11. Tifffany, what is the brand of this big new stroller that you found? I am always wondering what my options will be once Alex outgrows his BOB.

  12. I teared up in Barnes and Noble the other day. I was picking out some books for a friend’s new granddaughter and felt so sad looking at the picture books. So many old favorites I’ll never read to my boys again.

  13. No, you are not crazy. It’s totally normal. I am in the midst of clearing our attic of my daughter’s babyhood and it is rough. So rough, in fact, I wrote a post about it called Packing Up the Baby Years. Here is the link if you would like to read it- http://www.suburbanlifejournal.com/2011/08/packing-up-baby-years.html
    Take care.

  14. Thanks for the great article.

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