It’s a Wonderful Life

After lots of first dates but no seconds, I thought I’d never find love.

After my miscarriage with my first pregnancy, I thought I’d never have kids.

After Olivia’s diagnosis, I thought my life was ruined.

After waiting months and months to see that positive pregnancy test, I thought I’d never get a third child.

Boy was I wrong.

I sat looking through my new scrapbooks that I just made (thank you Groupon!) and I just kept thinking over and over again “I’m so blessed.”

I see pictures of Matt and I with our family and it makes me feel so good. That the two of us feel in love and have cultivated that love into a wonderfully solid marriage. That we added three beautiful children and made a family. All of it makes me feel so very blessed.

I see pictures of Olivia, tons of pictures, with friends, with family, with a huge smile on her face and I think, “Yes! This is a good life.” I mean if I could just add up all those moments I spent thinking these things would never happen for her or for us, you would be shocked. I’d like to go back and smack myself and show her these pictures and this life. My girl is happy and overjoyed. Isn’t that all that matters?

I see pictures of my precious Gabriel. The best and happiest surprise of my life. What on Earth would I do without him? I see pictures of him and how happy and beautiful he is and I think “Yes. It’s the master plan. I may not always see it at the time…but life always turns out the way it should.” To think that I was afraid of his arrival just astounds me. Life is marvelous.

I see pictures of my baby. The one I felt like i waited forever for. The one who completed our little family. I see these pictures and think “Oh my goodness I am so lucky!” What did I do to deserve these four beautiful people in my life? I am so thankful.

I don’t know why I was blessed with Matt and the kids but I do that I am so very thankful. My life is filled with so much happiness and joy. Serious happiness and joy. Even in the midst of all the not-so-good days and the long hours and the heartache, there is joy. So much joy.


30 responses to “It’s a Wonderful Life

  1. I like this picture. Olivia is beautiful. You are truly blessed. I’m glad you are counting your blessings. I need to do that too!

  2. You are so blessed :o). So happy for you! You are also a blessing for all of us who get to know you and your family. Thanks for sharing your life!

  3. I just love how Olivia so obviously adores her brothers. The pictures you post of those three show so much love, so much adoration going back and forth between them. Yes, you are absolutely bless.

  4. Beautiful, truly beautiful, post!

  5. Everything happens for a reason – It’s always been my motto. I have lived my life knowing that out of the bad always comes something good. I may not see it at the time but it will show itself eventually. I’m so glad you had that chance to reflect and see all the beauty in your life. It’s an amazing feeling!

  6. Life is wonderful and it keeps getting better!!
    I’ve not been on in awhile, I need to go back and read some that I’ve missed. Is it my imagination or in 90% of your pictures that all the kids are in, does Olivia just look so adoringly at Gabe or what? There is one REALLY special connection there.

  7. I love this post!!! And the funny thing is I think that you have a great life too! I was actually thinking about it the other day when I was writing my anniversary post, and I thought about how happy you are and how wonderful your marriage seems to be and your darling kids! Life is a great thing huh?

  8. It’s great to remind ourselves of these ordinary, but happy truths. Glad that you had the awareness to appreciate this beauty in your life.

  9. Your children are so beautiful and look so happy! Congratulations x

  10. Way to revel in your blessings!

    I wish I was as good at this as you seem to be!

  11. I remember a so called friend telling me that I should consider that I might never get married and have children when I used to lament that I still had not found the right one after several heart breaks. Not sure how that was supposed to comfort me, but I’ve been there- thinking something was never going to happen and I too have been very blessed since that time. It is good to count your blessings and remind yourself that you doubted and still all turned out well. Happy SITS day!

  12. Beautiful post! Too many people dwell on the bad and forget all the good 🙂

  13. What a touching post. I needed this one today. Congrats on your SITS day!

  14. I love the way the whole post turns with one line: “boy was I wrong!”
    Sometimes its great to be wrong!

  15. You can tell your children are so happy with you as their mother. Way to go! You are blessing them as much as they are blessing you. 🙂

  16. what a blessing indeed! i know i find myself constantly questioning if things will happen, why things happen, etc. but when i sit back and look, i don’t always get exact answers, i just know that i should be tremendously grateful. ❤ very sweet post.

  17. This is an amazing and beautiful post. Thanks you for sharing your family wit us.

  18. I can’t help but think that it must be so refreshing to God when we practice gratitude. Thank you for sharing your gratitude with us as well.

  19. Great post and great attitude. I frequently need to “adjust my attitude” – it’s easy to slide into a funk when I am so scattered and pulled in so many directions continuously. But when I take the time to reflect – I know it’s a wonderful life.

    Hope you are having a great SITS day! Your children are beautiful!

  20. You are truly blessed. I am now going upstairs to kiss my boys and spend time with J. Because, how much twitter and FB does a girl need. Thank you for the inspiration and sharing your heart.

  21. This is so so so lovely. I am a little teary as I read your words. It’s the pictures, the capturing of smiles and moments that remind us how lucky we are even if we know it in the moment, the pictures remind us. Olivia and the boys are gorgeous and Olivia sparkles. My 2 year old, E, was born quite early and has been diagnosed with CP. Early on her prognosis was not good, but now, she is flourishing. She is still significantly delayed while her twin brother is on track developmentally with is adjusted age, but somehow she lights up a room. I see that same smile on Olivia’s face. Perhaps it’s the blessing part of the challenge but when you see that smile it takes over every piece of your soul. I wish you, your husband and your children much love as you share with the rest of us.

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  23. So loved reading this. You are very blessed and you know it!

  24. Makes my heart happy to read this!

  25. This is a wonderful post. I often have trouble because I lose track of all the good things I have.

  26. I’m visiting from SITS. This post brings tears to my eyes.

  27. I’m also visiting from SITS… Beautifully written post! I agree — we will all have our bad days, but it’s important to cherish the blessings in our life too.


  28. Your positive attitude is a real inspiration, Hannah
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