My daughter is hysterical. It’s probably my favorite part of her personality. She’s hilarious and has a wonderful sense of humor. You might have to hang around a while before she lets you in on that little secret, but it’s worth the wait.

On Saturday we celebrated Matthew’s birthday with family. We were at the cake and ice cream point of the evening but Olivia wanted Oreos, of course. We were all initially cracking up at how messy she gets when she eats them. It’s borderline ridiculous what a mess she makes. Well when we started laughing then she started laughing. And then she really got revved up. She started calling my sister’s new boyfriend her boyfriend and started telling people they were weird. Of course we all start laughing hysterically after that which made her laugh even harder. She laughs just like me too…totally silent when she laughs really hard. At the end, you can barely hear it, she says “My tummy hurts!”. I think that’s the sign of a good night…if you’re tummy hurts from laughing so hard.

I thought maybe after yesterday, we all needed a good laugh. Hysterical!


10 responses to “Hysterical

  1. I so needed that laugh! Thanks to you and your beautiful girl with her amazing laugh!!!

  2. Definitely a good sign. We could all use more of that bellowing tummy hurting kind of laughter.

  3. That was too cute!!!! I loved it! You can just tell how much fun everyone was having. It seems like you have a great family!

  4. How beautiful is she when she laughs?!?! It’s truly infectious! What a wonderful gift she was given to share with so many people 🙂 Thanks for the giggles and smiles today 🙂

  5. Tummy hurting from laughing *is* a good night!

  6. Tiffany…thank you for sharing! My family gathered ’round and we cracked up! Olivia is such a joy! Have to tell you this…our Julia is blonde and blue-eyed, but as we were watching this we COULD NOT convince her that it was not a video of HER! (Even though she and Olivia look nothing alike.) She kept saying “ME…ME!!!!” She cannot remember the conferences we attended, and I don’t know if she has ever met another person with CdC. She identified
    INSTANTLY with your Olivia. Julia has a great sense of humor as well and loves practical jokes. As always your blog has comforted me…it is wonderful to know that others see the same beauty in their child that I see in mine, and take joy in their individual personalities. Thanks again!

  7. She’s so cute. She made a sound, like a laughing hard squeal, and it’s the same that Cali does when she laughs hard. Made me feel good to watch.

  8. Loved this video! We were laughing right along with Olivia! We were also impressed with what a good talker she is!

  9. Her laughter is contagious!!!! My husband and I cracked up at this video!!! She is sooo Beautiful!!! As little as Victoria is, she cackles like that too!!! It’s so wonderful to experience. Thank you soo much for sharing. 🙂

  10. This made my day. I love her laugh, how can you not laugh along? She is so precious.

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