Just Brothers

Nothing makes me happier than to see you two play together.

I love standing in the hallway outside of my bedroom and listen to you both belly-laugh while you’re getting ready for bed.

I love standing at the top of the stairs to the basement with my ear to the door listening to you guys build a fort, play Wii, build Legos or make “the great jumping course”.

I love peeking out the window and seeing you play soccer together, older teaching younger how to stop the ball with your foot and go around the other guy.

I love listening to your conversations about everything under the sun…from Pokemon to Spongebob to what game you’ll play after school.

But the best part?

It will just keep getting better. You don’t appreciate what you have right now. This special bond between the two of you. It will just grow. Of course you’ll fight, everyone does, even people who love each other. But you’ll be best friends. I just know it. That makes me so happy.

Brothers, just brothers.


9 responses to “Just Brothers

  1. That last shot is priceless. They really don’t know, but this bond, this friendship they are building will be so important as they get older.

  2. NICE!!!!

  3. So much sweet boy charm in those pictures. I love that you know they don’t appreciate what they have right now but that someday they will. And they will, if only because you’re their mother and you’ll teach them to appreciate it.

  4. These early years help cultivate a bond that they can depend on when they are older. I love that last pic.

  5. I love when I hear my kids playing so happily! It just warms my heart!

  6. This reminds me of Emily and Andrew which I say, not to put myself in here, but to relate. There is nothing, for me, more joyful than hearing siblings play, laugh, and enjoy each other.

  7. The pictures are priceless. I know just how you feel. Some of the conversations my boys have are amazing. I love just listening to them. It’s wonderful to have them in my life.

  8. That is really sweet! And you are so right, there is just something special about that sibling bond. It is pretty strong! I love all these photos too. What handsome young men!!!

  9. Awesome post! Awesome pictures! I hope, hope, hope my boys can have the same relationship. You’re amazing to foster it.

    P.S. I totally love the banner.

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