Time to Go

She’s looking forward to socializing with all of her friends, recess, gym, art and music class and her teachers. She can’t wait to go to the library and use the SmartBoard.

She’ll really miss hanging out in her pjs and slippers all day and staying in her bed and watching movies. She’ll miss her Momma most of all.

I’ll really miss waking her up slowly in the morning and letting her eat her breakfast at her leisure. I’ll miss her yells and giggles from upstairs that tell me she’s happy. I’ll miss our cuddles during the day.

He’s looking forward to having the same teacher his sister had last year because she is awesome. He’s excited to have all of his best buddies in his class. He’s looking forward to being in the “big kids” side of the school. He’s excited for gym class and recess. He can’t wait to read all the books in his teacher’s room. He’s ready to learn.

He’ll miss sleeping in and playing with Legos and jumping on the trampoline. Oh and he’ll really miss torturing his brother all day.

I’ll miss our conversations, his dimples and baking cupcakes at noon.

He’s so excited to finally go to school. He’s looking forward to taking care of the class pet, exploring his really cool classroom, recess, lunch in the cafeteria and gym. He’s beyond ready.

I’m going to miss him coming downstairs in his pjs and playing Wii until breakfast. I’ll miss our daily lunchdates. I’ll miss his laugh and his smile echoing through the house.

But it’s Time to Go…here’s to another wonderful school year.


14 responses to “Time to Go

  1. Deep breaths!!!!!!

  2. Oh, I love that last photo!

    And yes. It is time to G-O. Of course, I say that, but will probably still get weepy next week when our time arrives. In fact, I’m sad just thinking about it, feeling the same kind of mixed melancholy in this post. Why is that? (Wish we could meet up for coffee while the kids were at school, Tiffany!)

  3. Gorgeous pictures!

  4. Sweet babes. They will have so much fun!!

  5. They all look so grown up! This is the first year I am sending a child to school and it was really tough. I thought it would get easier but now I am thinking probably not 🙂

  6. Awesome kids prove they have an awesome mom. I love this post. That last picture is precious.

  7. Good luck to all of you! It will be another great school year! We are on day 2 and already finding a rhythm. Well, we will find one soon ;o)

  8. I love the last pic! Mine started last week..phew! I was done

  9. I hope all your kiddos have great school years. That last photo is priceless.

  10. Love the last pic-looks like Olivia has a swagger.

  11. ummmm why hello cutest little kids!!! How in the world can you stand looking at those beautiful little faces all day with out just melting!?!?

  12. Love all of the pictures but the last needs to be framed, love it! And what is Mommy looking forward to most? (besides the bus dropping them back off after school?)

  13. great pics, as usual! I took a lot of deep breaths to get through the end of last week. It felt good, though, to send them off to learn more 🙂

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