Get Away

How often do you and your spouse get away together?

Why are you laughing? Is it because your answer is never?

Matt and I don’t get away very often but we’re trying for once a year. I don’t mean just a simple overnight at our house while the kids stay at Grandma’s; I mean a true getaway. Two years ago we were lucky enough to go to Key West for 5 days and it was spectacular. This year, with not knowing what was going on with Matt’s job, we stayed close to home and went to Hocking Hills in Ohio. If you’ve never been, you should. It’s gorgeous!

We rented a cabin that was so secluded on 20 wooded acres that, had we never left the cabin, we would not have seen another human being all weekend. The cabin had a hot tub right on the back porch. Nice, right? Matt was so sweet and planned the whole thing right down to bringing my favorite wine and snacks, finding the nearest Redbox so we could rent movies and planning a movie-theater day.

It was bliss.

Hocking Hills is known for hiking and that’s exactly what we did. We hiked every day. We cooled off in a waterfall. We went canoeing and had the whole river to ourselves. We went to the movie theater and saw “Crazy, Stupid, Love” (awesome), “The Help” (incredible) and “Fright Night” (wicked). We watched movies at the cabin in the hot tub. We relaxed. It was quiet.

But most important of all? We remembered why we like each other. Notice I didn’t say love. We know we love each other…but there are times when it’s hard to remember wy we like each other. With no kids there to interrupt, we had entire conversations. We laughed. We did all of the things we love to do. It was awesome.

I know not everyone has a wonderful Mom like mine who will take the kids for the entire weekend, but hopefully you have someone who could take them for an overnight so you can get away. I really think it helps our relationship to get away from it all and remember why we’re together.


9 responses to “Get Away

  1. I’m so glad you could get away! Hubs and I try once a year, too, and it does us so much good. You’re right–we sometimes forget why we like each other, and those trips remind us.

  2. Love every single little thing about this one, babe! It is awfully wonderful to take time to remind ourselves why we “like” our spouses – so well said! I am so glad you enjoyed the heck out of your getaway. We are thinking of some places to have ours as we will celebrate the big “10” in February. I am getting pretty excited!! Hope to see you soon 🙂

  3. Just the two of us, no kids? I think the last time was when our daughter was around 2. She’s 22 now. Soooo…. never. it would be nice though.

  4. We’re hoping to be able to do that now that the grandparents don’t watch the kids everyday. We never wanted to impose since they did so much for us already. Soon though – it really is an important thing to do.

  5. I don’t think we have had a true getaway since we had kids, but ever since we had LIly I have realized that we are going to need to make this more of a priority. You have probably heard this already but moms with special needs kids age 6 times faster because of stress. That is when I decided that I need to do everything possible to counteract that stress. A getaway sounds like a good idea to me 🙂

  6. I certainly agree with you–you might always love your spouse but you don’t always like them. Ben and I laugh about that very often.

    As our finances are tight, we don’t take getaways very often. However, we have made little rituals into habits that have strengthened our marriage significantly. It’s about getting uninterrupted time together to laugh, cry, and do whatever you two do best.

    So happy you and Matt had a wonderful experience!

  7. This sounds DELIGHTful!!
    You guys getting away to any football games this fall? 🙂

  8. What a wonderful way to spend time with your husband. You are right – it is important to reconnect with your spouse. Glad you got that time.

  9. Lucky you!!! It looks like such a beautiful place!!! And I think that can be such a great idea for married couples. I want to be sure to add this into our plans when we are in a stable place to do so!!! BRILLIANT!

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