He’s Back!

**To my regular readers, I’m so sorry I’ve been a sporadic blogger lately. I’ve been trying to stay off the computer whenever possible because my students start next week and then I’ll never get off of it!! I am really looking forward to getting back into my normal daily routine next week when my kids go back to school.

Over a week ago, Matt was filling out his insurance papers for work (they are getting new insurance) and realized that I would no longer be covered under his insurance. Long story short, he had to go down to the board to get papers for me, happened to run into the director of P.E. and learned that he was laid off. But there was a decent chance he would get called back.

We were completely blindsided. We thought his job was safe when they decided to keep P.E., music and art in his school district. Now, just 10 days before school was to start, he was without a job. Every day we would wait to hear something from his district about what was going on. Nothing.

Yesterday, Matt received his official lay-off letter in the mail around noon. We still hadn’t heard anything. Then at 6 p.m. last night, he got a call that he had a job. It’s at a different school than the one he’s been at for the last 10 years, but it’s a job! He’s actually happy with the school he’s at and just really relieved he has a job. We are so thankful that our family will be ok financially at least for another school year.

Nothing like getting laid off “officially” and hired back in the same day, right?

If any of you live in a district where there are lay-offs and callbacks, maybe you could give your child’s teacher an extra nice apple this year to let them know you appreciate all they go through to educate your children!!


12 responses to “He’s Back!

  1. As one “certain school district” spouse to another- it should be no surprise they are a mess.

  2. Wow! That was a quick ride one a crazy roller coaster. So glad that it ended well!

  3. Wow I can’t even imagine what that must be like. This is so frustrating because we need good teachers, we need programs like P.E. and music! It makes me feel really worried about my children’s future. I am so glad everything worked out for you guys, what a roller-coaster.

  4. So glad there is a job! Sorry you had to go thru that. You could do without the anxiety. I don’t know why it is always Music, Art, and PE on the chopping block – I guess it gets people’s attention! Not like cutting out where they’re REALLY wasting money. Makes me so mad. I’m sorry – I live across the street from a public school complex, and we see with our own eyes EGREGIOUS waste. I have so many stories! One year, they repaved the parking lot, the following year they tore it all up for a building addition! Built several brand-new gyms and a state-of-the-art aquatic center, and still threatened to cut PE. Does that even make sense? Then there were the times my friend (a teacher) brought over to our house all kinds of new-in-the-box school supplies and equipment that were headed for the dumpster. WHY??? Because they had to spend their budget or lose it. Then people found out, so they had to build a locked fence around the garbage area to prevent dumpster-diving. And our living room looks right into the middle school cafeteria… don’t get me started on that. We have another “For the Kids” budget referendum coming up. Must. Calm. Down. (Sorry.)

  5. My word, what a day(s) of emotions for you ones! I’m glad for the job.

  6. That has to be an emotional roller coaster. I’m glad to hear Matt has a position for the coming year, and hope he enjoys the new school.

  7. Holy cow. I cannot imagine how you two must have felt when you received that news! I mean, 10 days before school! But, yes, nothing like losing a job and being hired in the same day.

  8. our district threatens to cut music/art/pe every year. so far, we’ve been able to hold on to those programs. i’m just waiting for them to figure out that the library could be totally automated and they can do without me. at least i’ve always kept my english certificate valid so i can go back to the classroom. i always thought teaching was a stable profession…..apparently i thought wrong. it seems like it doesn’t matter what area you teach in now, you are constantly on the chopping block.

  9. How emotionally draining for both of you! I’m so happy that he was called back. I’m raising a glass to a kick ass school year for everyone!

  10. I’m very very happy he has a job.

  11. Oh dear! What a roller coaster. I am so glad that despite the mini-heart attack, Matt is employed and hopefully happy. Such stress is no fun. All my best to you all…

  12. Glad to hear the rollercoaster ride worked out in your favor. Cheers to both of you!

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