Zoom II

Matthew and I have been fighting over something for almost 2 years now.

Riding a bike.

He never showed any interest in riding a tricycle, a Big Wheel, a two-wheeler with training wheels, nothing. It drove me crazy! He would ride his scooter all day long but no bikes. He just wasn’t interested.

But I decided since he’s about to start Kindergarten (let’s not talk about that now, ok?) and that he’s too big for the stroller, it was time for him to learn to ride a two-wheeler without training wheels.

If you follow me on Twitter, you know about a week ago I was offering to fly someone here and pay them if they would just come and teach him how to ride. I had HAD it. I was frustrated, he was crying and no one was learning how to ride a bike.

So what’s this Mommy to do you ask? Google, of course! I Googled “teach child ride two-wheeler” and up came this article that promised he would learn in an hour or less if I followed this method.

Yeah, right.

But I was desperate I tell you! I read the comments and it sounded like some people had tried it and it worked so I decided it couldn’t hurt. We headed to the kids’ school and tried it.

I shit you not, 30 minutes later, Matthew was riding his bike without training wheels!!!!

I was jumping up and down and yelling like a crazy person I was so happy. Gabe was all “Why are you so excited? I learned to ride when I was four!”. (Jealous much?) I explained that I didn’t have to teach him; he just started riding without training wheels one day. This time it was me, all me, that taught Matthew! It was a very exciting day.

Just in case you don’t believe it, two of my friends have tried the method since I posted on FB about it and it worked for them too! It really works! The next day he learned how to get started on his own and was able to honk his new bike horn.

I’m just so glad I only have to push 53 lbs in the stroller now instead of 110. And Matthew? He’s so proud.

Way to go, Doodle!!


9 responses to “Zoom II

  1. Way to go Matthew!!! I’m going to try it to teach Elisabeth–she screams at the talk of taking off her training wheels!

  2. Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiice!

  3. Woohoo! Way to go Matthew.

  4. I am going to try it for Dom. I will let you know the results. Crossing my fingers(and toes!)

  5. way to go to the both of you!! right after he learned, he looked so cute riding by and so very proud of himself!

  6. High five Mathew! I am still trying to get my daughter to love her bike…

  7. So awesome! Yay, Matthew! (And yay that you posted the article. My first grader couldn’t care less about her bike. I was just about to give up.)

  8. Rock on with his bad self! My daughter is 4 and 1/2 and starting to be interested in biking so I will be checking that article out!


  9. We are off to the school this weekend to work on it – now that Keegan’s officially cleared of couch rest! I’m so excited to have my boys as riding partners!!!

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