I am always looking for ways to bond with my boys, especially Gabe. I worry that they’ll only see my as the woman who makes dinner instead of someone that’s fun and that they would want to hang out with.

Enter Harry Potter.

I told you here that he was reading the books and we were watching the movies together. It was awesome. We were constantly talking about what page we were on, what had happened in the last few chapters we read and then, of course, enjoying the movies together. It was the perfect way for us to bond.

Then came opening day of the very last Harry Potter movie. I had told Gabe that if he finished all of the books by then we could go see it. He did it! (He has read over 100 hours this summer…no DNA test needed that he’s my kid!) We were both counting down the days until the movie opened. Our library even had a Harry Potter party 3 days before the movie opened for all HP fans. Of course we went! Costumes were encouraged but I didn’t really want to dress up. I didn’t really have anything. But my friend talked me into it so I came up with a costume. Gabe loved it because he was dressing up as Voldemort so we were enemies!

It surprised me that Gabe was thrilled. I thought he’d be embarrassed! When we got home from the party, he said “That was so cool. You were the only Mom dressed up! And you were the best Harry Potter! You looked just like him!”

Yep, I was. My friend that we went with was dressed up as Tonks so she just looked like a funky Mom…not necessarily a witch. The only other grown-ups dressed up were the librarians. I was a little embarrassed at first but then I got over it because Gabe was so happy.

The movie finally came and we were so excited we could barely stand it. It was, of course, amazing and we had a great time. I spent most of the movie in tears; partly because the movie was sad and partly because I was just so happy that Gabe and I were able to share this experience together. It’s an experience he’ll remember forever…and I will never, ever forget.

We’ve now moved on to Pottermore and anxiously anticipating the DVD release of the last movie. I was able to get one of the “early” spots for Pottermore so we’re just waiting to hear when we can access the site. And me? I’m loving the fact that we are still bonding over our love of Harry Potter.


5 responses to “Bonding

  1. I love that you guys have this! I long for the day when I can bond with my boys this way. For now I’ll take the laughter of backyard soccer and baseball. Oh, and learning to ride bikes. We’re totally taking the advice of that website. Eli will be learning this weekend and Keegan as soon as he’s allowed to do more than shuffle his feet around the house ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Such a great picture of the two of you as mortal enemies. ๐Ÿ™‚ You really are an awesome mom!

  3. This post is all kinds of adorable. I love that he has a love for reading. Hope to instill that in my little girl.

  4. I had to literally beg my daughter to read Harry Potter when it was first published. (she’s 22) Now, she loves all the books and hasn’t missed an opening night for the last four movies. A great way to bond with your son. Looks like you both had a wonderful time.

  5. You are an awesome mom!

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