Grateful for Today

Today I am grateful for…

A workout class that I look forward to every week and having my best friend suffering through it right next to me; the kind that leaves you so sore that it’s hard to sit down.

Coffee with french vanilla creamer; what would I do without you every morning?

Doctors who listen and are on time.

Kraft macaroni and cheese; need I say more?

Our YMCA membership so Olivia can swim whenever she wants; I can just tell she feels free when she’s in the water.

Watching my kids learn new things and be proud of themselves.

My Mom. I honestly don’t know what I’d do without her.

Gabe’s help. He is so helpful and I don’t even have to ask. It’s amazing.

Children’s resale stores; I always have such good luck there.

Dinner with the kids on TV trays so we can watch a movie together.

Friends who know me inside and out. Who only have to look at my face or hear my voice to know that I am ok…or not.

My husband. He comes home tomorrow night after another week-long fishing trip and I really miss him. And his help.

A glass of wine before bed after a busy, but fun, day.

DVR. Seriously, I never watch live TV anymore.

My king-size bed. It’s pure bliss.

What are you grateful for today?


8 responses to “Grateful for Today

  1. Love resale shops. Hate live TV. Love, Love, LOVE good friends.

    Today I am grateful for The Closer on DVR, time to visit blogs, and a working vacuum (as my husband has had run of the house for a week!)


    P.S. I am grateful for bloggy friends, too!

  2. What a great list. I’m grateful that every single day, I can change. change my attitude, change my mind, change my clothes even.

  3. I’m grateful for a teen who sleeps later than I do, peanut butter Oreos, cold beer and warm fuzzy socks. You have a very impressive Grateful List.

  4. I share gratitude for some of these things too! Seriously, DVR was brilliant! So glad we have it…. for free bc of neighbors who don’t care and share!!!!!

    I am grateful for delicious food that is cooked for me via family, friend,or restaurant every thing taste better when someone else makes it! Also for babies, family, friends, blogs, desserts, animals, the summer and sun and beaches/pools, Hawaiian shaved ice!!!! my husband and son, nights of full rest and that Halloween is getting closer!

    Ahhhh I like this post! It was fun!!! Thank you!

  5. Grateful for coffee with French Vanilla creamer, the ability to pump up my favorite jam in my car, and just be, whether reading or writing or playing with my daughter or hanging out with my husband. Thanks for the reminder.

  6. I’m grateful for the amazing parents and children I meet everyday who remind me what this crazy life is all about. I’m grateful that the friendship between our boys brought us back together after too many years apart. I’m grateful for competent doctors who care about my children. I’m grateful that I have this life, crazy as it may be.

  7. That is such a great list!
    At this moment, I’m grateful for insta-dri nail polish, mylacon drops, and pacifiers. Oh and the chocolate chip cookies I’m debating on eating.

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