Olivia Cooks

I think the one of the most difficult parts of summer is finding educational things for Olivia to do that don’t make me want to pull my hair out. We do our writing practice and read and a little math and practice our spelling, but she only gives me 30 -45 minutes at a stretch and that’s only when I pull out my silly voice arsenal. We’re constantly looking for ways to incorporate “education” into every day things. It ain’t easy.

Matt started by having her use the bathroom and get herself dressed (with help) in the morning. Then we moved on to making her own oatmeal. She gets her bowl, gets the oatmeal packets, sets the time on the microwave and stirs it. She’s always so proud of herself and it’s great practice.

After that I decided to take it to the next level. One day I was making mac-and-cheese and she was hovering waiting for it to be done. So I had her help me! She did great!!

The first and most important step is to make sure that you’re still in your pjs at lunch time! That way you know for sure that it’s summer time! (Seriously…doesn’t she look like such a pre-teen? I just can’t get over it!)

The next step is to get out a pot. Now back in the day we used to be able to use a small pot because I was only making one box; now we have to make 3!

Then you put the pot in the sink and fill it with water. She is OBSESSED with water so this was her favorite part!

After that, you have to turn on the stove. With help of course.

The next step is the hardest. Waiting for the water to boil. She decided it was time for a comedy break. She took a carrot and put it in sideways and said “What’s up Doc?” just like Bugs Bunny. Clearly we need less Looney Tunes and more reading!

Once the water was boiling, she poured in the noodles. I couldn’t take a pic though because I was helping. Then she stirred! Very carefully and with expert help.

Now for the second hardest part…waiting for the noodles to cook! We took another carrot break and a “smile for the camera” break. I never get tired of her smile…or her freckles.

After the agonizing wait, it was time to stir in the butter, milk and cheese and use a whisk. This was a new word for her and she kept saying it all day long. “Whisk, whisk, whisk…I used a whisk!”

Finally, it was time to eat! I think her favorite part was her brothers telling her “Thanks for making lunch!” That definitely made her smile.

Here’s to trying new and scary things! I never thought she’d use the stove!! Way to go Olivia!!


13 responses to “Olivia Cooks

  1. Warms my heart in addition to all the warm noodles!!!! Ascary thing that’s not so scary anymore…Way to go guys!

  2. Good for Olivia! My youngest always liked cooking with me too. He even started creating his own recipes. I’m sure she was very proud of herself. She did a great job.

  3. I read a blog called Crosbie Crew. http://crosbiecrew.blogspot.com/ A mom of boys is always thinking and doing fun new things with her boys. I’ve seen lot’s of cool ideas and actually done a few with our family. Maybe she’ll have some fun ideas for you too! One of our favorite is the Lego men made out of salt dough and then we painted them. It was really fun, but then Little Eddie bit all the heads off so we have to do it again soon! lol!!!!

  4. That’s awesome!!! She’ll have to teach Victoria to do that when she’s old enough!

  5. 30-45 min.?! You are fantastic. I’m lucky to get 3-4.5 min. w/ any fine motor skills! Not her cup of tea. Motivation is key. You come up with so many great ideas, and now, cooking! Wish we were next-door neighbors.

  6. Love this! I’m so excited for you and for Olivia.

  7. That is totally awesome!!! Way to go cute O!!! And those pictures and phenomenal! She is one of the cutest girls I know and she totally knows how to work the camera! Supermodel Olivia!!!

    I love how proud of her self she was, that is so rewarding huh? And I love that she looooooooooooves the water so much.

    I just realized I should have told you this a long time ago. But while Gian was in one of his math classes his professor told the students about this product called Teach Your Baby/Child Math. It is designed for people like Oliva and Lily and it just a few seconds long, and you do it multiple times through out the day. I think you would really like it!!! I can’t find the link but I can get it for you when Gian gets home. It is flash cards and the faster you make it go the better. They said one of the biggest mistakes parents make is showing the card for too long. And there is also a book. I think it is a brilliant program!

  8. CrystalBurnworth

    I know Mandy reads these…keep all this in the back of your mind Mandy, so we are pushing even newer and better challenges for our LiL Olivia in High School. Teaching her to cook is an awesome skill and definitely age appropriate, throw in measurement and other math items all very purposeful! Love it Tiff

  9. Don’t all kids love to help cook? And how awesome for Olivia…hooray for new skills and words..
    and by the way, she is absolutely gorgeous…

  10. First – there is no such thing as too much Looney Tunes!

    Second – and most important! – Way to go Olivia!!! And way to go you!!! It’s so very hard to let go and allow our kids to do something so out of our comfort zone for them. You guys are amazing parents and Olivia is amazing because of that!

    Third – That picture of her smiling reminds me so much of you. Your pre teen girl looks just like her mama. Truly beautiful.

  11. yummm, we will have to have her come down and make lunch for us. She could open a business and name it O So Good!
    Seriously, let’s make that a date. I’ll have some girls over and they can all help make something. Olivia will be in charge of mac and cheese!!

  12. I love that her brothers acknowledged that she made a great lunch. High five to you and Olivia.

  13. Seriously – any 10 year old doing anything for 30-45 minutes straight is impressive. Obviously, everything about my awesome, amazing niece is Impressive 🙂

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