Michigan Vacation — Part IV—Lake Michigan

If you saw this picture…

would you think to yourself…Michigan? I wouldn’t! I couldn’t believe how beautiful the lakes were…and how much they reminded me of Florida beaches! Only without the saltwater and sharks, thank you very much. The kids were so excited that there were big waves to jump into.

We were very lucky to have perfect weather while on our trip and were able to swim every day. Even in Lake Michigan which was a balmy (insert sarcasm here) 65 to 70 degrees! Olivia is very sensitive to cold temperatures and even she went in! I loved watching her wade out into the waves, see the waves coming, then turn around and run and scream with a huge smile on her face. She’s so funny.

I also loved seeing her in her “regular” bathing suit. When we’re at a pool, she wears a floaty-suit which is not very cute or very pre-teen looking. I just love seeing her in a tankini. She looks 10! She loved it too which is why she’s taking swim lessons so that, hopefully, she’ll be able to swim by herself soon and won’t need her floaty-suit!

We spent 3 whole days at the beach just swimming and chilling. Then it was time to go home. The trip was so relaxing and fun I was surprised. Olivia was such a big girl; this was probably her best-behaved trip to date! Of course we did her favorite things…sand and water…so how could we go wrong? But it was all in all a very wonderful trip!

Now I’m off to do laundry…I think we brought most of the beach home with us!


4 responses to “Michigan Vacation — Part IV—Lake Michigan

  1. Glad it was such a joyous trip. I also love watching the various reactions from my daughter. It’s so impulsive and unscripted. And that I think is why they are so good at embracing the now. Gorgeous pics.

  2. This looks beautiful! I want to go!! Is there a time of year when the water gets any warmer (is that dumb question, since *this* is such a hot time!)? Glad you fit some relaxation in, and that O was in good spirits. Great photos of everyone 🙂

  3. Whatever sand you didn’t bring home, I’m pretty sure we did! It is gorgeous country up there, isn’t it?!?! Looks like everyone had a blast.

  4. YEAH I HAD NO IDEA!!!! Just looking at these photos alone it looked like you were in the Atlantic. I have been in Lake Michigan in Chicago, and it didn’t look anything like this!

    I love the photos you captured. You can see that joy and excitement in the kids and it is so precious!

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