Michigan Vacation — Part III—The Dunes

We finally made it to the main sand dunes that the kids were able to climb. It was much steeper than I remembered! It was so very hot that day.

Olivia made it all the way to the top! Matt had to carry her on his shoulders after a bit but other than that, she made it! We were all joking that the dune was really Olivia’s version of heaven; she L-O-V-E-S the sand!! She just sat and played and made sand angels. She was so happy!!

The boys got to the top, ran down, came back up again, ran down…you get the picture. They were in heaven too!

After one trek, they saw another, very steep, dune behind us and wanted to climb it. I was hot, tired and didn’t want to…but I did it anyway. It’s times like those that I’m really glad I work out. It was a tough climb! But I was so glad I did because it was something special for the boys and I and…the view! Gorgeous! If you look in the picture of the boys at the top, the little dot behind them is Olivia and Matt! That’s how high we were!!

Of course the boys wanted to run down this very steep dune as fast as they could. Matthew ran a little slower and made it down just fine. Gabe, on the other hand, ran as fast as he could and totally wiped out! He was ok and we had a great laugh! And I caught it all on camera!

We were definitely tired and hot so we ran down the dune one last time and headed for the beach!


6 responses to “Michigan Vacation — Part III—The Dunes

  1. Man that looks FUN!!! I know 3 boys that would Love, LOve, LOVe, LOVE it!!!
    Glad you had fun!

  2. Your pictures are so beautiful. They all work togehter to tell such a wonderful story. I especially love the ones of O in the sand and Gabe wiping out only to get right back up. Awesome!

  3. This brings me back to my childhood vacations at Lake Michigan. Aren’t the dunes fabulous! Thanks for taking me back!

  4. I love the pics of Olivia making “sand angels”. Glad you had such a lovely vacation filled with memories.

  5. Eli is my sand angel kid. I have so many pictures of him with sand all over the back of his head! Way to go Olivia 🙂

  6. Sand angles ahahhaha so cute!!! If you ever find your self over by UT/ID you will have to go with us to the sand dune, Mike and Brittany have quads and it is fun!!! It would be so fun to play with you guys!

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